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PYM designs products to help treat the mind and body through earth friendly ingredients.

PYM Reviews

PYM reviews


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5 reviews

3 years ago

I've been taking PYM chews for around 6 months now. They taste great and I really do think they mellow me out, especially on days when my ADHD medications make me a little too frazzled. They also do same-day delivery in the city and I got them an hour after I placed my order!

2 years ago

Amino Acid and adaptogen infused "mood chews" to manage stress and anxiety, help focus, and generally make you feel like the best version of yourself — and wow do these work. I've turned several friends on to PYM after 2 little chews provided some much needed calm in moments of stress. I find them great before a social engagement, diving into a big project, or any time I feel a little more tightly wound than I'd like to be.


The tins don't provide the best seal, so the chews can dry out if not consumed quickly. I store all my tins in a sealed plastic bag.

a year ago

I love the idea of these chews, but I don't necessarily find them useful after the month or so I've been taking them (I've been through about 1 1/2 tins). I haven't noticed much of a difference in my mental state, though I do sometimes take them before bed and I think they do help me wind down.


The main downside for me is that the chews are very hard. This makes it difficult to want to take them to see if there might be a difference long term. And while I appreciate the attempt to shift to more sustainable packaging, I wish there was a better refill option that just receiving more tins, particularly because they are not airtight. Overall, would only recommend if you have had success with this kind of supplement before and are looking for a more sustainable option.