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Innovative at-home workout equipment? A fitness studio and equipment brand, P.volve's full-body workout program goes wherever you go.

New York, NY
Stephen Pasterino
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Easy subscription management 🔁Fun unboxing 📦
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A cool concept, a leader of its kind, but I imagine it's difficult to retain customers. The brand popped up in my Instagram feed a little after the world entered into a pandemic lockdown. Working out at home was the only option for many people like me. I signed up for the trial and ordered a few pieces of equipment. The order arrived relatively quickly. But I didn't continue the workout or equipment as I didn't find them all that useful/effective. The ball and sliders are now sitting in a corner collecting dust...


Workout sessions are not easy to follow. It's designed for personal trainers with clients.

Easy subscription management 🔁Fun unboxing 📦
5 months ago