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Phlur makes transparent & transformative fragrances that are cruelty free, vegan, and responsibly sourced.

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When it comes to the products we create, we act with intention on everything from our ingredients to our practices—ensuring that we are as transparent as we are transformative.
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The packaging is lovely (I really appreciated the silver foil box!) and the fragrances stand for what they are. I didn't have a strong headache from any of the scents like I usually do. I love that they are clean, cruelty free, and responsibly sourced and very reasonably priced. I got the sampler pack ($15 for 3 scents) which comes with a coupon code for $15 off of a full bottle! The 3 scents I got were: 1) HANAMI 2) AMÉLINE 3) SIANO My two favorite were Hanami and Ameline. I would purchase a full bottle of either, but haven't decided yet. Ameline is a a lovely floral scent and Hanami is creamy! Siano was very, very sweet and not personally a fav for me but it had great reviews on Reddit so there's something for everyone :))) UPDATE: After trying the entire sampler pack, I don't think the scents are as luxurious or complex smelling as normal non-clean fragrances. I like the mission of a clean fragrance, but honestly there is something lacking in the scent. It lacks complexity.


Nothing really. Some might say the perfumes aren't as 'complex' as more expensive bottled perfumes can be, but at this price point they are very lovely and have a great mission statement.

Good for gifts 🎁Cool look & feelFun unboxing 📦Sustainable productsLove the brand's mission 💕
4 months ago

I ordered a sample pack and enjoyed every single scent. Some were not "me" but were really nice nonetheless. My favorite was Ameline and Moab. The packaging is lovely.

6 months ago

Rather than perfume, I tried body wash from Phlur in the scents Sandara and Olmsted & Vaux. The consistency of the body wash was much runnier than I expected. I felt like I used a lot more product each time given how runny the body washes were, but they also lasted me a surprisingly long time. I usually prefer a slightly unisex scent, but the scents themselves felt overwhelming floral to me in spite of notes like “oakmoss, cedar, amber.”


For the consistency of the body wash, a different bottle design might help with the fast flow. Otherwise, the scents are probably fine, just not for me.

Good for gifts 🎁Cool look & feelLuxury
2 months ago

Lovely packaging and unboxing experience. Very modern feeling and streamlined. Scents seemed true to online descriptions.


I only tried the perfume, several of the testers. I don't really like fragrance, but I keep thinking maybe there will be a scent out there that changes my mind. These did not change my mind, but I thought they were very fresh and I am glad I tried the samples for a small variety.

Good for gifts 🎁High qualityCool look & feelTravel friendly ✈️Luxury
6 months ago