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ONE/SIZE sells skin and beauty products made for all genders and skin colors.

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2 months ago


I love the One/Size eyeliner ! Literally stays on ALL DAY and does not come easy when trying to remove it with makeup remover - but not really complaining on that part because I’d rather it be hard than easy to remove.. do ya hear me ladies?! Great product!

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2 months ago
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I've only used the Go Off makeup dissolving mist but WOW does it work! I'm obsessed! It's super effective, smells nice, and is perfect after a night out when I'm being especially lazy and don't want to fully wash my face / go through my skincare routine (which is bad I know). I highly recommend Go Off. It's incredible.

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2 years ago


The "secure the blur" makeup magnet primer is unlike any primer I'd ever used before (I'd always used variations of brightening/highlighting ones)- but this is so top-notch for gripping makeup in place all day long that I don't know if I'll ever be satisfied with non-"gripping" primer again! Apparently I'd been missing out. I also have (but have yet to try) the "secure the blur" hydrating under eye patches & the "point made" eyeliner pen, so stay tuned on those reviews.


The primer packaging. It's made of super solid plastic. It'd be nice for squeezing purposes to have more malleable material. I'm one of those crazy people who waits until it's too late then frantically tries to cut the bottle open to get the rest out & I had a devil of a time cutting through that plastic!

Good for gifts 🎁Size & shade inclusive Sustainable products
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