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Nutr offers a machine to quickly and easily make nut and plant-based milks at-home.

Nutr Reviews

Nutr reviews


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6 reviews

4 months ago

It's a great idea and a wonderful product for people who want full control over their alternative milk product. However, the price and effort wasn't worth it for me and I could use a good blender to achieve the same result,

2 years ago

I didn't want to love this as much as I did but it's super satisfying to make a fresh cup of nut milk in just a couple minutes! It doesn't make a lot at a time so you have to run a couple batches through if you want to have some to save for later. Is it a home accessory that I need? No. Is it one that I show every friend who comes to the house... Yes.


Wish it made just a bit more at a time.

8 months ago

The idea of being able to make on-demand, know-everything-thats-in-it nutmilk was a no-brainer for me. I have been using it for about 6 months and am generally happy with it. Pros: You control exactly what goes into your nutmilk. The device comes with great recipes and inspiration for inventive drinks. It is super quick and easy and allows me to save in the long-run on non-dairy milk purchases. Much better than the longer process of soaking, straining, and heating traditional homemade nutmilk. Cons: It's not cheap, so it's going to take a little while for the pricepoint to balance out from your store bought nutmilk budget. Cleaning the device could be easier - the main tin is not removeable from the base and can be hard to clean because you cannot get the apparatus wet. Although it has a 'self-cleaning' feature, I find that it doesn't do a great job and I still bring it over to the sink to give it a swish-and-swirl after each use. It only makes 8 oz of nutmilk at a time and you have to let the device rest after two cycles, so it isn't going to replace your family's carton of almond milk on a regular basis. It is also very loud and sporadic, so if you are using this early in the morning or in an office setting, you'll be disturbing those around you :)

10 months ago

I bought this machine based on good reviews on the whole. Unfortunately, after 4 months of gentle use, it stopped working, I’ve tried to contact customer service for 2 weeks to no avail. No response . Extremely disappointed with lack of support from Nutr. I found the controls unreliable, selecting each mode difficult to touch control, sometimes not responding as well. Very expensive when you buy from Canada with almost $40 in duties on top!


The touch controls aren’t reliable and are difficult to use, the handle is so small I couldn’t even put my hand in it to pick up, and I’m not a big person. The biggest problem is that after 4 months of gentle use, it stopped working completely. Customer service not responding despite repeated emails to help desk. Big mistake buying this! Total ripoff!!!!

10 months ago

Terrible product. This is just a blender. The product I was sent leaks and the single button to change modes is a bad design and does not work. Their return policy is ridiculous .

2 years ago

The unboxing was beautiful! As well I am so happy to have a product that can make fresh plant based milk daily AND looks sleek and beautiful on my kitchen counter next to my Nespresso machine! I make oat milk, coconut milk! I have also made coconut milk margaritas so delish! It’s nice to know the knowledge of the ingredients vs store bought milk with emulsifiers and preservatives. This you know you are making fresh milk daily and it’s delicious and healthy and fresh! It even comes with a recipe book!