Ministry of Supply

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Ministry of Supply designs sustainably made comfortable clothing for men and women.

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Ministry of Supply Reviews


The material of its functional, high performance dressy clothes is the key factor to my purchase. I like the simplicity in its design, having an almost unisex appeal. However, after a few washes, they started to deteriorate, losing the crisp feel.


The clothes don't age well. It could be that the thickness of the material decides the length of its wearability.

Good for gifts 🎁Cool look & feelBusiness casualEveryday wearAthleisureFit just rightSustainable products
9 months ago

If you're looking specifically for dressier clothes with technical fabrics Ministry of Supply has really nailed it in my opinion. Also loved the v1.0 of the face mask they made, super effective and comfortable. I had a pair of shorts of it and instantly thought it would be the ideal travel item, light, wrinkle-free, doesn't feel like it gets dirty fast.

Cool look & feelLuxury
10 months ago

The fabric _truly_ does not wrinkle. If I still had to work in an office I'd be buying up more of the shirts.

a year ago