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Megababe makes body care products that addresses issues like chafing and butt acne.

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Megababe Reviews

Megababe reviews

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14 days ago

My daughter (ten) loves this deodorant and it seems to be effective!

Smoothie deo

a month ago

One of the better-working natural deodorants on the market! Depending on the weather, I find myself reapplying after around 4 hours.

6 months ago

Absolutely love their deodorant! The smell is incredible. It doesn’t leave any stains and works throughout the day.

5 months ago

Over the past year I have gone on more walks than I can count (my watch does that for me) as part of a healthy routine. Being in AZ means shorts which means, it’s almost always thigh season! Never once had any issues while on my walks or the occasional jog. Not thinking about my thighs meant I could focus on enjoying my walk or pushing myself further. I’m suggest it to everyone I know.

6 months ago

The mega babe geo deo is hands down the best natural deodorant. I have tried a few different brands and this is the only brand that I have found that actually works to block odor.

4 months ago

Tried the green do. Wanted to love it more than I did. It just didn’t quite keep the stink away as much as I needed. BUT. I loved how smooth it went on the scent?

2 months ago

I was so excited to try the Megababe products and they did not disappoint. The Bust Dust is awesome, especially in the summer heat, and the Thigh Rescue is great too.

Thigh rescue anti friction stickBust Dust

a month ago

Tried Rosy Pits as a more natural option, but things weren't too Rosy shortly after. It says apply as often as needed instead of a longer lasting option. It doesnt last and would definitely need reapplying. I did give it a few weeks, but it didn't work for me. Also, need other options than a rose scent which was the one scent available in most stores.

Rosy Pits

3 months ago

I bought the thigh rescue ant friction stick because i get major thigh chaffing. It works for a few minutes until it basically just absorbs into the skin or rubs off, so it’s not long lasting. It’s a smooth and nice product but needs to be reapplied which is annoying.

Thigh rescue anti friction stick

2 years ago

I've been using MegaBabe products since ~2017 and they have changed my life! My top three products over the years have been Space Bar, Thigh Rescue and Green Deo, and I also loooove Le Tush (it's helped so much with the KP on my arms). I am a lifelong MegaBabe fan for sure.