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kencko offers single packaged nutritious smoothies to create healthy habits.

kencko Reviews

kencko reviews


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4 months ago

I've only tried the fruit snacks from this brand. Both flavors I've tried were really good. The snacks have good texture and flavor. I love that the snacks come in individual packages that are compostable.


6 months ago

Great way to incorporate more healthy foods into your routine. It’s saves you a lot of effort in sourcing ingredients, chopping, and cleaning blenders and it’s easy to carry around. Not all flavors taste good, but they have a good variety to choose from and to diversify from time to time.

2 years ago

Easy and tasty but more of a juice consistency than a smoothie. I tried to add them to milk vs. water so it would taste a bit richer but still ended up being a bit too thin for my taste.


Very expensive. Didn't think it was worth repurchasing.

9 months ago

Received a free product from kencko

OBSESSED!!! so delicious and nutritious - other juices scrap the good stuff and leave you with mostly sugar, but Kencko gives you all the healthy stuff by capturing the whole fruit (fiber etc). Reds is my go-to flavor (though I do mix it up to try new ones all the time) and it's become a daily ritual I very much look forward to. If mixing with water (my preference) its a bit thinner tasting than a traditional smoothie but i prefer it that way. Great hack for travel / on-the-go moments as well.

7 months ago

Invested in kencko

I first got introduced to Kencko through a Men's Health website link for healthy food/snacks about 2.5 years ago. As always, I look at the "why" of the brand. I was impressed. This is where nutrition, health, environment, and food waste & sustainability all intersect. And they do this with true transparency. Even their packing is compostable. In the true Japanese concept, they have achieved 'Ikigai.' The food - their most popular are their smoothies. My favorite! You can truly eat or drink the rainbow! Each smoothie is labeled a color...while it may always look it with the dry powder, when added to water or non-dairy milk alternative, they do show their true colors! They are all whole-food ingredients and a sent with a leaflet that breaks down their nutrition label. I have tried to them all and do have my favorites, and recommend that you experiment with their smoothies to determine your favorites. They all taste good! The good thing is you can also add it to yogurt or non-dairy yogurt, in oatmeal, cereal, etc. You can also add plant-protein (of your own) or their pea protein to the smoothie to boost the macros for meal replacement. They also have soups/stews and bowls/pasta, none of which I've tried. Their "gum drops" are also whole food ingredients, great snacks for kids. My son loves the apple gum drops. More recently, they have launched into select Walmart stores. Support - Every buyer has access to their dietitians who can help incorporate their item into recipes. They also have virtual educational seminars Company: B-Corp, enough said! I don't recommend their plastic bottle because they're not as easily to clean and leave a lot of residue clinging to the sides. I recommend drinking in glass anyways. Recently, they went to crowdfunding campaign on Republic/WeFunder platform. Since I liked their products and mission so much, and was already using their product for nearly two years, I decided to invest.

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3 years ago

The ease to get fresh smoothies and their flavors


I got bored and tired of cleaning the little cup that you used to make them. Felt like it wasn't a real substitute for a smoothie.

a year ago

These are great! Opening the box is lovely as they are all laid in a rainbow. The packaging is simple and I tear the top of the box off and put the whole thing in my cupboard. I love that the individual packets are also compostable! I don’t love all the flavors but there are enough options that I feel like i can get a nice array of flavors. You do want to follow the directions or you may end up with clumps and some flavors are more clumpy than others! Ultimately more of a thick juice like Bolthouse or Naked juices. I pre-make mine in the morning and drink it later in the day so all the fruits and veg can rehydrate and then I shake again before I drink. I haven’t tried their custom bottle yet but saw it had a strainer type thing that I imagine will help it mix so I have ordered two. I saw there’s some purchase options where they are complimentary but I didn’t get that option-don’t know why. Maybe look around for that before you buy. I tried the gummies. Not impressed. They are a tiny bag for the price and taste like gummy vitamins. But that’s ok! I’m here for the smoothies and I love them. My family members who are plantbased/whole food diet are enjoying also!

8 months ago

As a pregnant mother-to-be, these smoothies have been CRITICAL in helping me and baby get the important nutrients we need. Sometimes it's hard to eat nutritious foods, but these make it so easy and are so delicious!