Jack Black Skincare

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Jack Black makes a range of advanced skin care products specifically for men.

Jack Black Skincare Reviews

Jack Black Skincare reviews


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9 reviews

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4 months ago

I have tried a LOT of Jack Black products over ten years. The lip balms, the shave gel, the shave cream, the deodorant, the aluminum free deodorant, the shampoo, conditioner, the fragrance line, the bodywash, and face scrub, the night balm, the eye cream, the cleanser, the moisturizer, and the spf moisturizer. I recommend any of the lip balms, the deodorant, and the fragrance line. Everything else is hit or miss. Jack Black is a well known high end brand and most of the praise is earned. Some of their price points are excessive, bit they make ip for it with new offerings and consistency. I will say the aluminum free deodorant was not a good product for me. I have never received a burn from deodorant, so this was a very unpleasant side affect. Also, their emails are too frequent and their promotions rely on strange thresholds with too much fine print.

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3 months ago

I like the taste of this black tea and blackberry lip balm. You can really taste the blackberry. That's about it though. It's like a Vaseline lip balm, which i don't mind. It just didn't last long. It felt like it was off my lips within an hour. It just didn't do anything for my lips either, they're the same as before using it.

8 months ago

I use their jack black black 2 in 1 body wash. Price was high but the bottle is huge and has lasted a long time. It smells amazing. It has a subtle perfume to it and I've gotten compliments on it without having to put on cologne. Makes my skin feel great too.

8 months ago

I love this sunscreen and moisturizer. I know it’s made for men, but it is so well made. It doesn’t make my skin break out, and it gets the job done. It isn’t scented which I like quite a bit.

6 months ago

I can't speak for other products, and I know it's made for men, but the intense therapy lip balm is the BEST balm on the market. Price point is fantastic, flavors are great since they're meant to be more neutral/for men, and the tubes go a long way. I usually like to buy the two pack with mint and pineapple mint when they're out!

9 months ago

I've been in the market for a truly good lip balm - not too waxy, not gross-smelling, and actually helping my AC-dried lips feel better. After trying a half dozen brands, the Jack Black delivered. Though the brand is marketed to men, this woman has been won over.

9 months ago

This brand has THE BEST lip balms. Long lasting, super moisturizing, clear, SPF, and amazing scents!!

9 months ago

I’ve only tried the lip balm but it isn’t FAVORITE!! great variety of scents and it has spf to protect from the sun while also adding moisture back into your lips