Henry Rose

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Henry Rose sells hypoallergenic, paraben-free fine fragrances.

Henry Rose Reviews

Henry Rose reviews


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19 reviews

8 days ago

I bought Smyth and it’s the prettiest fragrance I have ever worn. The problem is that it doesn’t even last more than fifteen minutes. It’s pricey enough that I don’t want to douse myself with half the bottle. lol. I so appreciate the clean ingredients but I wish it had staying power.

3 months ago

I ordered the combo to try to find my scent. Love the look of the marketing, etc. However, it’s just okay. For an American fragrance , it’s a six. Very clean, two note combinations. It’s not statement making stuff. I didn’t last on me, even after shower and with moisturizing.

a year ago

I listened to the Skinny Confidential podcast with Michelle Pfeiffer, and she talked about her clean perfume company which made me EXTREMELY interested in Henry Rose. Let me tell you, it’s so good. I got the “Char” scent for my birthday, and it smells incredible, while also lasting for a long time. Plus, I’m not freaked out by the chemicals or anything else in my perfume. It’s a win win situation.

a year ago

For a natural fragrance, yes, all day long, yes. Gorgeous fragrances that are deep and nuanced. A big beautiful bottle of Last Light has been a favorite of mine for the last few years. Like most of the natural clean fragrances I own, the scent is somewhat fleeting. It's okay though -- doesn't linger on your clothes and I don't mind reapplying later in the day...the experience is nice.

7 months ago


When it comes to fragrance, I always pay attention to the notes and layers in a scent. To me, this brand uses a lot of Neroli as their most used scent note. I’m personally not a fan of that scent, but if it’s in different variations, it makes me not want to explore the brand. If you like Neroli, definitely try out some of their scents. Kiddos to them for being a clean brand. (Yes, CLEAN fragrances are necessary! Coming from someone who is constantly prone to migraines from different scents)

3 years ago

Smelled this at the GOOP store and immediately purchased it. Love wearing at night.

2 years ago

The scent "windows down" is my top 5 favorite scents. The perfect mix of late summer and earl grey tea

6 months ago

This is a pretty solid fragrance company. Buying fragrance over the internet can be a dicey…and pricy thing! That said, I bought a few of their tester sets and decided on one fragrance I particularly liked. The fragrance lasts quite a while, and once you find the one you like, great company. I just wish there was a better way to test the fragrances without having to buy test tubes of everything.

a year ago

I love how they list every ingredient thats in their perfume. They’re “most popular” however in my opinion smells like bell peppers. Fresh and earthy but I can’t stop thinking of bell peppers when I wear it lol

2 years ago

I was excited to try this line, but was mostly underwhelmed by it. I ordered the discovery set of all 10 scents directly from their site and while there were some really nice scents, the biggest issue is that these did not last on me. An hour after I sprayed them, I often couldn't smell anything. For the price of these fragrances, you'd want something that will last a while and these are not it.

2 years ago

I ordered the sample pack of scents. Most of them weren't for me but I do like Jake's House which I keep in my work bag as a backup when I want to freshen up and it lasts quite a long time.

a year ago

I couldn't believe that my sister had talked me into buying a celebrity founded product line, but I have no regrets about purchasing the discovery set and then full size bottle from Henry Rose. All of their scents are really pleasant and not overly feminine nor masculine I found. While I preferred some over the other, there were none that I genuinely didn't like or couldn't stand. As others have stated I did find that their scents don't linger forever (which can be a good thing- if you wear their fragrances you won't necessarily have a "smell" if you walk by someone in your office space, just if someone comes in for a close hug). If I want it to last long for a full day I will spray on my clothes too or bring the roller ball to reapply.

7 months ago

I ordered the Clean sample set. I love light, clean scents so these sounded like they would be perfect. They are labeled unisex, but for me they are all masculine. Even the "floral" scents are masculine for me. Just a warning for someone trying these perfumes. Definitely try the samples before buying the one recommended by the quiz.

9 months ago

In understanding terms used, 'no known' is just that. It is not an absolute guarantee. Scent wise, nothing in the sample package rises to the level of one hundred twenty dollars a bottle.

a year ago

Tested the 11 fragrance Discovery sampler. Lovely packaging, helpful notes on each fragrance. Most of the fragrances are heavy on the vetiver, sandalwood, and pachouli. Of 11, might wear 2, only really liked 1. That said, if you like heavier, more sensual scents, this might be great for you.

a year ago

Influencer for Henry Rose

I heard about this brand when Michelle Phifer was on a podcast and instantly fell in love with the concept of an actual “clean” and ethical brand. I did some research and was happy to find that the ingredients are much less harmful/harmless when compared to some other perfumes. I ordered “windows down” and am absolutely in love with the scent. It truly smells like an extremely expensive perfume (and after it sits for about 10 minutes, the smell becomes sooo even better - I would let all the perfumes sit for a few minutes before judging them). The only issue I had was the delivery wait time, but even then, I’m pretty sure it took a standard 7-10 days to deliver and did take about 5-7 days before I received the notification that it was shipped. Im excited to try other scents and I love that most of the scents are gender neutral. If i could rate it exactly how I would want, all in all, I would give it a 4.8.

a year ago

I love everything about this brand from the aesthetic, to the ethos to of course the SMELL!


I cannot pick a favorite. I have spent way too much money on this brand but it's 100% worth every penny and I get compliments daily.

2 years ago

Fantastic scents, all natural, clean fragrances. I love Henry Rose - my faves are Smyth and Flora Carnavora


NOTHING! They are amazing.