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Harper Wilde makes comfortable everyday bras for women designed to be hassle-free and fairly priced.


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5 months ago

I’ve been wearing HW bras for about 6 months now and really like them. They are a no frills, women owned, small business that has really thought through improvements for all the “annoying” things we’ve just lived with for decades. Love the strap adjustments being in the front, the natural colors, the shape (my husband even commented for the first time ever on how great they look as a “tshirt” bra), the free return bag provided for used bras. I will continue to purchase from the company in the future.

2 years ago

I really love the simplified shopping experience. I have the strapless and everyday ones. I find that new, bra lines disappear under thin tshirts really well. I also love their medium nude shade, think its perfect for my skin tone.


All the bras with wires aren't that much more comfortable than any other brand. They also seem much more delicate in some ways than other bras I've owned even though they're meant for everyday wear. If you wash them in a washing machine (even in a bag), they'll get creases in the cups that are very visible under clothes and the top of the cup will start to lip out. Don't think they last that long.

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6 months ago

I will no longer wear any other bras. I literally LIVE in the Bliss bralettes. They're a sensory dream. I have convinced so many of my friends to buy them, and they all say the same 😂

2 years ago

Works for Harper Wilde

I've recommended this company to so many of my friends that it's gotten to the point that now I just buy bras for them. The feedback I get is wild — all my friends SWEAR by these bras. I got rid of ALL my underwire bras the day I got the Base bra (and HW has a bra recycling program, so I was able to recycle all my old shitty VS and Target bras through them). That said, I actually don't wear underwire bras very often anymore because Harper Wilde's wireless bras are quite literally the softest underthings I've ever tried. This is what my friends have said — "this is categorically the most comfortable thing ive ever put on my body. obsessed. have never described a fabric as buttery before this bra — you did not lie." the bliss is also a favorite of my friends who are pregnant and/or breastfeeding. they also have the lounge set, which i highly recommend — a really really soft ribbed bralette and matching short bottom. i have like 4 of them and i wear them nearly constantly. never thought i'd be wearing a bra to bed, but here i am.


the only thing lacking for me from the HW brand is probably their color selection — lots of very subtle neutrals that feel a little underwhelming to me sometimes, but they've been venturing into colors as of late so i have high hopes. the other feedback is sizing — i'm a 30 band and have friends that are beyond 40 sizes and i wish harper wilde had a bigger size range. i'm aware of the amount of testing that goes into expanded sizing so fingers crossed for future expansion.