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GoNanas makes a variety of vegan and gluten-free baked good mixes.



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5 months ago

Love love love this banana bread. So many great flavor and so easy to make it's a no brain, always in my pantry. They also have tons of recipe options on their social that you can experiment with!


The recipe for ratio of bananas has been a little off when I made the first couple of batches. Could be the size of bananas I typically buy but a measurement would have been a lot easier since I tend to freeze the rest of the banana anyways.

3 months ago

This stuff is crack. It's legit so tasty, so easy... vegan and GF!!!! It's also female owned... BUY THIS STUFF.

a year ago

So good! I've been really into their instant banana bread packets for a quick morning breakfast. Their seasonal flavors are also so good, especially the apple cider donut banana bread mix!

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a year ago

Seriously the best baked goods period. You would never know they’re vegan and gluten free it’s crazy. I don’t know how they do it with bananas, but I’m never baking with eggs again!


Nothing tbh.