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Frank's RedHot makes different types of hot sauce.

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6 months ago

Frank's RedHot isn't sophisticated. It doesn't pair well with everything. It's not even particularly high quality. And it's too salty. 🧂 None of that matters though. It's still my all-time favorite hot sauce. It reminds me of living in the US as a student in the early 2010s. It reminds me of clogging my arteries with buckets Buffalo chicken wings (and tenders). It reminds me of gloopy blue cheese dip, a hint of celery sticks, and that inevitable feeling that you've overdone it at dinner. 🫃 Wherever I live I'll seek out Frank's Red Hot. Frank - you've been one hell of a companion. You'll always have a home in my fridge, and I don't ever want to entertain the thought of life without you. 🌶️

2 months ago

Is it my go to? No. Does it make me think about other condiments? Yes. Does that make me love it more? Yes. Any sauce that encourages other sauces is a yes in my book. Franks brings the (low) heat, so you get to cool off with ranch or blue cheese.

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2 months ago

solid, can do no wrong, and is in everyone's fridge already. if you haven't had frank's then did you ever even have hot sauce

3 months ago

This is a solid hot sauce. Good flavor with just the right amount of spice. Great with wings

4 months ago

The quintessential buffalo sauce. Not my favorite hot sauce, objectively speaking (die-hard Tabasco girl here) but for buffalo sauce, this is THEE brand.

5 months ago

It's a basic tangy hot sauce. Good to add into a Buffalo wings sauce recipe. Not very spicy so I would say majority of people can 'handle' it, even those with low spice tolerance.

2 months ago

I make a lot of fermented hot sauces and in doing so, have gotten really into researching the differences in hot sauces at the grocery. Frank's is a Louisiana style hot sauce, which means it has a high vinegar-to-pepper ratio. It's tangy and thinner than other sauces like Sriracha... But Frank's is thicker than Tabasco or Crystal, other Louisiana hot sauces. Franks is amazing on buffalo-style dishes, and it has a long shelf life because of the vinegar!

5 months ago

Solid southern hot sauce. Not too spicy, good flavor, and pairs well with a lot of things. Nothing really stands out about it but it's always a solid choice. They have a variety of flavors too- i personally like their buffalo sauce.