Flyers Cocktail Co.

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Flyers Cocktail Co. makes a variety of non-alcoholic, sparkling cannabis cocktails.


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3 months ago

Fun CBD drink that is a good alternative to having a beer at night. Flavors aren't as good as some competitors but this type of drink isn't wide spread. Definitely helps me relax and sleep like a baby having one of these in the evenings.

8 months ago

Received a free product from Flyers Cocktail Co.

Tried the spritz and the gold at Thingtesting pop up. Both were good but the gold was quite intense with the natural bitterness of CBD and I think not for everyone. I recommend starting with the spritz if you're not super into bitterness. Sugar level was good, not too high. I love CBD drinks and think this is a good brand to try out.

9 months ago

I absolutely love these. I do not drink alcohol so these were a great alternative that still made the night fun. Packaging was easy and all 3 flavors are great.

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8 months ago

Received a free product from Flyers Cocktail Co.

I have a mild brain injury and cannot enjoy alcohol often. These are BOMB. We had them at a large happy hour with many NA drinkers. With the canned alcohol cocktails we also had, these made our work easy by not having to mix any drinks. I tried all 3 flavors over ice and they were all fantastic! My favorite was the GOLD flavor

8 months ago

These non-alcoholic cocktails are great. Not only is the packaging *chef's kiss*, but the flavors are super balanced, not too sweet and overall tasty. It's one of the few brands I've tried that I feel like can replace a cocktail for me. The addition of CBD is great too.