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Dutch provides a telehealth platform for pets that delivers vet-prescribed medicine and treatments quickly and efficiently.



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21 minutes ago

The doctor never joined my call. I waited and waited and no one joined. I was helped by our traditional vet who knows my dogs and was easier to work with and more convenient.

14 days ago

Vet experience was great. Ordering through their pharmacy was a huge disappointment. You have the option to pay $10 for faster shipping, which I did, and online it stated a “delivery by x date”. There was no indication that delivery could be longer, it said delivery BY FRIDAY if you pay $10. It stated I would receive my order by that Friday, and I was ordering on Wednesday AM. Awesome deal I thought! Worth the extra $10 to ensure my dog had medicine by the weekend. The free shipping option stated it would be delivered by the next Monday so I knew that shipping option wasn’t going to work for us as my dog is not doing great and needs his medicine asap.

Veterinary Services

20 days ago

I was seen online by a veterinarian for my cat because I could not get an appointment with my vet for a few weeks. Simple antibiotics for ear infection, I paid and then paid for the medication. I never received it. I cancelled with them. Now 3 months later I get an email saying thanks for your order and your subscription is now active. They charged me 35 dollars 4 times! Plus 6 random 3.50 charges. I'm incredibly angry with then, no responses. Nothing. The account that was charged I only use for certain things so it didn't have anything in it really, since I only transfer when I want to use that account l.. well my bank charged me for each transaction as an overdraft fee. So this company is now responsible for those charges, I have proof of cancellation AND proof I removed my payment info, which is fraud im now being told by my bank. I have locked my bank account while I try to resolve this with Dutch, if I can not get any help from them I will be reporting them for fraud, luckily I save emails. Negligent. Horrible customer service, not even horrible.. just none. No help if you don't receive medications you pay for. Do not do it. There's too many bad reviews. There's tons of online vets, read reviews and be wise, I was not.

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13 days ago

Absolutely the Worst possible scam of a so called "vet service" you could imagine! They care nothing for the pets! They stole our money for medication I ordered for my dog and never sent the order or responded to my dozen or so emails. There is no phone number to contact them which is a huge red flag right there. No one will respond to your emails and Noone will help you. This place needs to be shut down for misleading the public, false advertisement, lying on their website in order to bait customers, and being pure trash! Animals in need are suffering because this disgraceful company promises to help, then completely ignores and attempts to contact them.

Pharmacy Customer service Orders

16 days ago

Considering how hostile the vet was I'm not sure if they were an actual professional or was a serial killer. Dutch forces you to order prescriptions at their prices for shipping so you will pay more for them than a regular pharmacy and will have to wait for them to mail. Customer service refused to issue a refund for paying for nothing, but rudeness. Just take the animals to a vet. Dutch is not worth the waste of time & money and are not in the business of client satisfaction. They simply do not care about your animals.

Veterinary Services

2 hours ago

Shame on me for not reading the reviews first, but, in my defense, I was worried about a dog that couldn't be seen at a local clinic. EVERYTHING the rest of the reviews state is TRUE. Use the vet service but ask to have your meds sent elsewhere. Sept 17th, I had a Telemed call with "Dr. Kelly" , it was extremely brief, but helpful and she prescribed 3 meds for the dog. I immediately placed the order, where it stayed at "our order has been sent to our pharmacy. We’ll email you when the order ships." for 3 days. I got an email that said they couldn't process my payment and to update the info...which I did, with the same results for another 3 days. Was told I needed to schedule another vet call and to place the med order again. Sept 21st I started an email chain with a CSR. LOTS of apologies and excuses, which I greatly appreciated, and the rep was very kind, even when I was being a pain. Seems they were having a problem with the pharmacy and fulfillment, and pay process that they just found out about and their "IT team was working on it" and I needed to place the order with another pharmacy. This explanation is questionable after reading all the reviews stating similar experiences... I discern that the pharmacy part of this service is the real issue and hope they get it straightened out as the concept is a great one. The rep referred me to one of two other pet pharmacy's to fulfill the order - Now I am using 1800petmeds to fill the order. Its more money, but its arriving Monday. It has been 12 days since I started this process with Dutch, Monday will be two weeks. Next time I will spend the extra cash and go to an Emergency Vet Clinic if I can't get into a local clinic, even when it isn't an emergency.


a month ago

I used this service for allergies. My dog has a skin infection. The very visit was great she prescribed the needed antibiotics , predisone, and Apoquel. My appt was on Tuesday at 1.oopm. my prescriptions have yet to ship. You woul think they would made antibiotics a priority. This service is a great idea but they need to work on getting scripts out quicker.

3 months ago

The vet was great. The pharmacy is a complete nightmare. They’ll charge your card for products they never provided. They charged my card 06/05/23 for his med refill. It’s now 06/15/23 and they haven’t refilled anything and there’s no tracking number and they just tell you I’m sorry if you email them or call them but never actually resolve the issue.

4 months ago

Worst pet service ever. Extremely poor customer service blow you off when called, ignored for days after sending emails, incompetent processing of prescriptions. Not posting dosage or quantity till order was delivered prevents price comparison and is a scam. I setup an online vet appointment worried that my dog might have ringworm or mites. This cost $30 with a reoccurring monthly charge regardless if I use it or not. The vet was ok and said she would send a prescription. She also said that if I transferred it to someplace other than Dutch they charge a $10 fee. The prescription appeared on the website right away and it said delivery was 5 days but it only showed a total charge of $54. No dosage or quantity. Hiding this info prevented me from shopping around to compare prices. :-{ So my dog is in quarantine and I'm checking my mail and the web every day for tracking info or anything but no updates. After 4 days I tried to call Dutch. It was on a Thursday at 12:16 pm. The automated system said I had an 8 minute wait time, then a 2 minute wait time, then I was sent to voice mail and told to leave a message. Basically someone didn't want to answer the phone and dumped my call. So I sent an email asking for an update and tracking info on the prescription. Kat responded saying it had been shipped and provided tracking info BUT WAIT! the info she sent said nothing had been shipped and the label was scheduled to be printed later that night. I responded asking them to send me the prescription so I could get it filled someplace else since it should have been delivered by now and NOT just getting around to printing a label. I also asked them to wave the $10 transfer fee since I had given them a chance and nothing was happening. No response, so I sent it again. After 3 days I get an email saying they cant cancel an order that has already been shipped.... ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!? They ignored my request till they finally got around to shipping it just to use that lame excuse! Completely ridiculous! So 10 days after my meeting with the vet the prescription finally arrives. ONLY AFTER THIS DID THE QUANTITY AND DOSAGE APPEAR ON THE DUTCH WEBSITE. Covering this up till after the delivery obviously benefits them because it turned out Chewy is 26.4% less than Dutch. I will never use them again and recommend avoiding them at all cost.


Avoid at all cost.

a month ago

My dog seen a vet on August 10th was prescribed antibiotics for her skin infection The infection was pretty bad so I paid extra for the 1-2 day shipping. I have reached out multiple times because my order has yet to be recieved and I have been ignored. They take your money but do not send the products and there is nothing that you can do because they put it out on the website they absolutely do not do refunds. DUTCH VET IS A HUGE SCAM!!!