Dr. Bombay

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Dr. Bombay makes unique ice cream flavors launched by Snoop Dogg.

Dr. Bombay Reviews

Dr. Bombay reviews


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6 reviews

a month ago

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SYRUPY WAFFLE SUNDAZE! Reminds me of Ben and Jerry's in the best way. Love the bits and pieces of waffle and the buttery syrupy swirls. Super tasty - don't sleep on this.

3 months ago

Freakin delicious! Ask for this everytime I’m sick! It tastes like a tropical vacation

3 months ago

I had no idea that this was made by Snoop lol but it's surprisingly good! My bf and I like to share a pint of ice cream and we're always trying new flavors. This was definitely one of our faves, I even liked the smore's flavor and I normally don't like ice cream with too many mix ins.

4 months ago

Received a free product from Dr. Bombay

Very tasty but kinda expensive at the time I purchased it. Difficult to recommend over similar brands because of that.

a month ago

With a huge array of flavors to choose from, you will not be disappointed. From tropical to sweet and salty, there’s an options for most.

9 months ago

this ice cream is the BEST. I’m on my third pint of the cookie dough flavor! I love that it has cookie dough swirls instead of just cookie dough chunks.