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Davids makes premium natural toothpaste made in California

Davids Reviews

Davids reviews


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a month ago

Received a free product from Davids

I have been using their sensitive and whitening toothpaste for a few months now and it has significantly whitened my teeth while also helping with my very sensitive teeth and gums!

3 months ago

I switched to David's in an effort to go more plastic-free. The mint flavor is a good balance—not as artificial tasting as traditional toothpastes while avoiding the earthiness/grittiness that some natural toothpastes have. The metal key not only is a great brand differentiator, it's actually quite helpful. I wish it were easier to buy just the paste without the key every time, but the old keys can be repurposed and used with other lotions, creams, products, etc.

5 months ago

Impressive flavor with the perfect level of mintiness in the peppermint option. David's toothpaste is an excellent choice for those seeking fluoride-free and sulphate-free options with minimal plastic packaging. The turnkey design ensures you can easily extract every last drop – a great feature, but there should be an option to purchase without the key.

8 months ago

I received David’s toothpaste in one of my first GQ boxes. It tastes fine and the package is designed nicely, but common sense and a decent dentist will tell you fluoride-free toothpaste is not the way to go. I would only recommend if your other daily brushings involve toothpaste with fluoride.

7 months ago

i started using david's toothpaste thanks to it's plastic free packaging. the tube is made from aluminum and come with a key to wind the end & make sure you're getting the most out of the tube. i have not used the key early enough before, and the tube can crack which becomes a big mess. if you use the key from the beginning, this doesn't happen though! when you're done you can use scissors to open the tube to rinse & recycle. the toothpaste itself is decent.