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CALPAK makes versatile travel bags, backpacks, and accessories using recycled polyester.


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4 days ago

I purchased the rolling duffle bag for $165 to travel to Europe for a little over two weeks. I also had another smaller bag for the trip, but the duffle was my main luggage. I got it because you could carry it like a duffle bag by the two side straps OR it has wheels on one side of the bottom and a handle that extends to make it easier through the airport and streets. There was two main compartments—one flat zip-around area at the bottom and then a more traditional area accessible from the top. With packing cubes and a capsule wardrobe, everything fit nicely. I was kind of expecting the bag to break or rip throughout the trip because I went to several cities across two countries that involved trains and planes, but it held up! I would definitely recommend this to someone who likes versatility with their travel bags. My one complaint is I wish there was wheels on both sides of the bottom so you can wheel it sitting straight up instead of diagonally and only on two wheels.

Rolling Duffle Luggage

4 days ago

I have their medium checked suitcase with the large hinge locks instead of zippers. I think I’d like to purchase a strap because I always sometimes fear it will pop open, but I’ve had it for 3 years of travel and it’s holding up great!

3 months ago

I'm absolutely smitten! Sure, they might be a tad pricier, but let me tell you, they're absolutely fantastic! They even came up with a carry-on that has a front zipper pocket for your laptop, and let me tell you, it's become my go-to travel companion. I take it with me everywhere! And the color options? They're pretty darn impressive. If you're keen on grabbing one but don't want to pay full price, keep an eye out for their sales. Trust me, it's worth it!

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2 months ago

I love Calpak! I have always bought the suitcases from TJ Maxx or Marshalls. I love the way these suitcases work and they feel comfortable and classy. They have held up for multiple years and I love them.

3 months ago

I think this is a really cool brand and bought one of their book bags a few years ago. I really loved the design, but it completely busted at the seams - I will take the blame though as I probably tried to put too much stuff in it. I would be open to trying their other products in the future.

6 months ago

Always been on my “want to test” list and I was SO stoked to see a few of these at my local Marshall’s. I got a gorgeous sage green carry-on with an outer pocket for my laptop, which instantly eases up some of my panic while shuffling through TSA.

a month ago

I own the Hue duffle. Great for 1-2 day overnight trips, and the amount of organization is everything I could wish for to make my travels easier.

2 months ago

Love this luggage brand. Affordable prices when found at TJ Maxx. Great color options.

3 months ago

I recently ordered the bag/water carrier for my trip to Colorado. It has several pockets, room for my phone, keys, money, sunscreen (travel size), bug spray (travel size) and sunglasses. I love having my hands free and the water bottle along for the walks! I have ordered a 2nd one for my step daughter. My only complaint would be the shipping. I had to order express since I was leaving in 1 week and I couldn't find anywhere on the order form how long standard shipping would take.

4 months ago

I bought the Kaya backpack and it’s…. Fine. It’s super uncomfortable & heavy. I didn’t realize zippers could be so sharp. It’s not as flexible as something like a Kanken. I get it’s supposed to be work bag but after feeling the bag and using it for a while, I don’t think it’s worth it. I also bought a discontinued suitcase from them off TJ Maxx and again, it’s just fine. I thought the design of a front zipper section was innovative but turns out it just means there’s barely any room inside the suitcase.