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Blueland makes cleaning products in reusable packaging, no single-use plastic, and no harmful ingredients.

Blueland Reviews

Blueland reviews


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Reviews mention

  • Eco-friendly cleaning products
  • Variety of offerings
  • Effective cleaning results
  • Sustainable packaging commitment
  • Malfunctioning spray nozzles
  • Slow shipping speed
  • Inferior product quality
  • Questionable bottle durability

Blueland is an eco-friendly cleaning products brand known for its variety and effectiveness. The brand is also recognized for its commitment to sustainable packaging. However, users have raised concerns over the malfunctioning spray nozzles, slow shipping, and the quality of certain products like the glass cleaner and dishwashing powder. Additionally, the durability of the bottles and pumps has been an issue.

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20 days ago

Love the idea, the best products are the toilet cleaner tabs and the hand soaps. The all purpose cleaner is not good, very gritty and hard to use.

Hand Soap DuoToilet Bowl Cleaner Refill PacksBathroom Refill PacksMulti-Surface Refill Packs

8 days ago

Please change the directions for use. My family and I really love this plastic-free laundry option. I just buy the refills and use my own glass jars for storage. We think Blueland works well. The Oxi boost powder smells great. I’ve been using these for about 6-9 months. I appreciate the company’s philosophy. I agree that their shipping is kinda slow. Some of their products are sold in my local Fred Meyer, but not the refill packs of laundry stuff I want. BUT the directions they give for both their laundry tablets and oxi boost to just “put directly into laundry tub” is bad advice. The oxiboost powder caused several of our darker clothing items to appear as if they’d had bleach spilled on them. What a bummer. I started putting both in my front load washer’s laundry soap dispenser and the problem has not occurred again. Blueland, please correct your directions for using the oxiboost powder.

Laundry Refill PacksOxi Laundry Booster Refill

10 days ago

I absolutely love all the products I’ve tried so far. They clean wonderfully and are sustainable for the environment! So happy I found this company!

Dishwasher Starter SetToilet Bowl Cleaner Refill PacksMulti-Surface Refill Packs

18 days ago

I have been using these products for a number of years. Hand soap, multi surface cleaner, bathroom, glass, laundry tablets and booster. Overall I like the company and what they aim to do. The products mostly do what they are supposed to do. I will continue to use their hand soaps as they are the best. The other are ok. I’ve stopped using the glass cleaner because it leaves streaks. I’m still using the others because I have the forever bottle and not using them feel like I’m creating unnecessary trash. I’ve stuck with the laundry tablets and booster for a few years for the same reason, because I bought the containers. However recently I started trying other laundry options as there are many more available now and at a better price. Main complaint about the laundry tablets is sometimes they don’t dissolve and I find myself have to re-wash. They clean ok. My biggest gripe from day one is the quality of the bottle pumps and sprayers. They stop working after awhile. I’ve needed to replace hand soap pumps and sprayers/nozzle a number of times. Initially they would replace them for free and now you have to buy them. I have other bottles that seems last much longer than their products. I had hoped that the company would have found a way to make things more reliable and last longer. Not sure how I feel about having to buy the replacement equipment to use their products. To top it off , replacements are not shipped for free so either you have to older the minimum amount or pay for shipping. So while I like some of their products, I’m not keen with the quality and customer satisfaction standards.

24 days ago

I love the Blueland products I’ve used so far! I’ve been using the dishwasher tablets for a few years now and found that they worked better than many of the dishwasher detergents I was using previously. I just started using the laundry tablets and oxi booster and love them too! My boyfriend has very sensitive skin so we have really enjoyed having no harsh chemicals/dyes and light scents in the laundry. We’re trying to hand soap next! Shipping speed has been hit or miss - the last time I ordered it took a week + but the time before that it arrived in just a few days. It’s a little annoying because they don’t give you a shipping estimate at check out (at least that I saw).

Hand Soap Starter SetDishwasher Starter SetDishwasher Refill PacksLaundry Essentials Kit

3 months ago

I like how there is nothing toxic in these cleaners and that the glass bottles and dissolvable tablets eliminate the disposable plastics. However, I don't feel like my household surfaces, especially in the bathroom, get clean and disinfected enough.

Multi-Surface Refill Packs

5 months ago

A facebook discount ad got me to finally pull the trigger and order from this brand. I purchased a Clean Kit Suite and Dry Ball Starter Set for $97.32 and that was with a $16 discount. I am more conscious now about the cleaning products I use in my house because I have allergies and I want to protect my family and pet. The kit came with cleaning tabs for: bathroom, multi-surface, glass + mirrors, hand soap, dish soap, dishwasher tablets, and washing detergent. The actual spray bottles, holders, and dispensers are phenomenal. They are thoughtful and reuseable, which a huge part of the brand—to provide one vessel and they purchase refills when needed. Overall, all the products are effective, don't have harsh chemical smells, have performed just as well as the bigger brands, and have covered the bases of what I need to keep my home clean. I recently purchased the laundry booster (kind of like bleach) and toilet tabs to test. Their line of products is pretty simple, but I appreciate that because it's overwhelming to think about how in the past I had a specific product for almost every random surface or material in my house and never used the whole product. I just feel better knowing my dog isn't being exposed to chemicals and will continue to buy from Blueland as long as it keeps performing.

Clean Suite Kit

2 months ago

I love the mission, but don’t love the product fully. The plastic spray bottles broke so easily and one of my soap bottles also broke super quickly. The price mark up is also silly.

Hand Soap DuoBathroom Refill PacksMulti-Surface Refill PacksGlass + Mirror Refill Packs

3 months ago

Love the concept but didn’t work for me in practice. Didn’t feel like the products worked particularly well and it’s just easier to buy a one off cleaner when it runs out

Multi-Surface Refill Packs

4 months ago

Cleaning products worked well - definitely on par with nontoxic cleaners from the grocery store - and I like the reusable bottle idea. However, the plastic used in the bottles themselves are extremely fragile and prone to breaking. Mine made it a few uses before they were inevitably dropped or knocked off a counter which was enough to shatter the plastic and make them unusable. I had the full set of cleaning sprays and this happened to all of them. Disappointed as it kind of renders the sustainability aspect of the brand moot if the bottles are constantly breaking...I would repurchase, but not until the bottles themselves are improved.

Bathroom Starter Set