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Blueland makes cleaning products in reusable packaging, no single-use plastic, and no harmful ingredients.

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  • Efficient
  • Non-toxic
  • Sustainable
  • Inferior cleaning
  • Fragile bottles
  • Slow shipping

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16 days ago

I like how there is nothing toxic in these cleaners and that the glass bottles and dissolvable tablets eliminate the disposable plastics. However, I don't feel like my household surfaces, especially in the bathroom, get clean and disinfected enough.

Multi-Surface Refill Packs

14 days ago

I've been using Blueland for years and love all of their products. Especially enjoy the seasonal hand soap refills. I also like the laundry detergent and dryer sheets. Not overly scented like other similar products.

Hand Soap DuoBathroom Refill PacksMulti-Surface Refill PacksGlass + Mirror Refill Packs

23 days ago

Tablets take a long time to dissolve, bottles broke, and didn't seem to clean that effectively. Interesting concept though.

Multi-Surface Refill Packs

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9 days ago

I love the concept of their products, but sometimes they are just inferior at cleaning than cheaper but less sustainable brands at target. I will continue using all of them except the glass cleaner, which still leaves streaks.

Hand Soap DuoToilet Bowl Cleaner Refill PacksBathroom Refill PacksMulti-Surface Refill PacksGlass + Mirror Refill Packs

22 days ago

I have tried several of their products and while I’m not a fan of the scent they are efficient cleaners. As far as the bottles they break very easily after a few uses.

4 days ago

Love the concept but didn’t work for me in practice. Didn’t feel like the products worked particularly well and it’s just easier to buy a one off cleaner when it runs out

Multi-Surface Refill Packs

14 days ago

I order Blueland from Costco and Thrive Market. I love their toilet cleaners and dishwasher pods and buy them consistently. Love the mission and sustainability the most!

Dishwasher Refill PacksToilet Bowl Cleaner Refill Packs

11 days ago

Overall, I enjoy using Blueland. They have a great mission and vision that align well with my environmental goals. Was looking at other reviews and decided to add... I have not had issues with my bottles breaking. I did have to replace my multipurpose pump and a hand soap pump once, but that is it.

22 days ago

Friends with Blueland

I love the products I have tried (laundry detergent and toilet bowl cleaner). However, the shipping is VERY SLOW. I ordered several items, one of them a laundry refill, on 10/22 and have not received it as of 11/8/2023. I have not received any notice of delay. I went on the website to track the shipment and got a generic message that "due to high shipping volume, my order might take longer than usual." I think Blueland should investigate making its shipping process faster with more communication about delays.

10 days ago

I love the foaming hand soap! Smells great and easy to use. I also love the glass bottles, pumps work great! Spray bottles for cleaning, my sprayers are very slow to bring the cleaner up to be able to squeeze the trigger again. I don't love the smell of the bathroom cleaner. My bottles have never cracked or broken. The laundry soap works pretty well but I do have to put my washer on "high water" to make sure the tablet fully dissolves. I like the toilet cleaning tablets but they seem a little expensive. Overall I love Blueland and recommend it's products to everyone. Thank you for the work that you do in trying to clean up the planet. We need more great companies like yours!!

Hand Soap DuoToilet Bowl Cleaner Refill PacksBathroom Refill PacksMulti-Surface Refill Packs