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Better & Better makes natural, vegan toothpaste with organic ingredients and sustainable packaging.

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2 years ago

I tried Better & Better quickly after they launched and the biggest detractor for me was the squeeze bottle. While beautiful, it was leaky and did not work well (they don't list it on the website anymore). The taste of toothpaste is more natural than some might be used to, but I enjoyed it. Tasted less artificial than Crest toothpaste.


I would love to see the squeeze bottle come back with an updated design.

2 years ago

Disclaimer: I tried Better & Better shortly after they launched, when the product came in a reusable (and gorgeous!) outer sleeve. The outer sleeve was the biggest detractor for my review, but it does not appear to be available anymore. I was completely obsessed with this brand when they launched, and loved the concept and packaging. The product came with a reusable, squeezable sleeve and a stand, plus an adorable hourglass to make sure you’re brushing for the recommended amount of time. Unfortunately, the sleeve was messy to use, and made it difficult to not over-fill your toothbrush. I had to clean the stand after every use because toothpaste would frequently flood out everywhere. The toothpaste itself was a thinner consistency, which just made the mess worse. Overall, despite my first experience I still love the concept and I will absolutely give this brand another shot in the future!