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Iconic British outerwear: Barbour blends timeless style with rugged durability.

Barbour Reviews

Barbour reviews


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4 reviews

17 hours ago

I have purchased several items from this brand over the years including several jackets for myself and a harness and leash for my dog. They are great high quality items that have lasted for years on end! I love the heritage preppy look they give and hold up in the rain! I do wish they had more repair services other than for the one type of coat.

4 months ago

I have a bunch of Barbour stuff and love all of it. They do a lot of collabs (I bought the one they did with Ganni) but generally I grow weary of brand collaborations!!

6 months ago

Great and durable outerwear that will last you a lifetime. It is not cheap, but if you live somewhere that rains a lot it is worth the money. You will have to get the waxed jackets re-waxed occasionally (they say once per year, but it really depends how much you wear it) which is not cheap, but Barbour offers a service for it, so it will be done right.

7 months ago

i owned a wax coated jacket from barbour and loved it. the rainy weather in the northeast was no joke, especially last winter. i think it’s quite an expensive jacket at it’s price point, and a little difficult to maintain due to the wax coating. however it does repel water extremely well, so i don’t mind.