Adore Me

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Adore Me, a lingerie brand created by women, for women, is designed to make lingerie sets more affordable.

Adore Me Reviews

Adore Me reviews


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5 months ago

I really want to love the pieces I got from Adore Me but the quality just wasn't good for me. The material was scratchy and the bras were overall not as comfortable and well-fitting as I would have liked. After one purchase (of three items), I haven't ordered any more.

5 months ago

I’ve subscribed to Adore Me for over a year now and have found their products to be quality and just as they advertise. Their subscription is easy to skip or cancel and their customer service is spot on.

5 months ago

Adore me has a great selection to choose from for all body types. The fits are great. I have only had a few things that I did not care for on me. The prices are reasonable.

7 months ago

Sizing fit well but quality of their products aren't always great. A few tops had material that was stiffer and scratchy - did not feel good on your skin. Despite quality, this is a good way to get a few cute pieces, just don't expect luxury quality.

7 months ago

I like being able to buy lingerie and see it on a model that is my size - not a size 0 with little to no chest or butt - so I can get an idea of how it will look on me. I like the variety and the colors. I’ve shipped things back, with ease. I have been on the subscription and cancelled it with ease. The prices are reasonable.

3 years ago

I wanted to love this, but I bought two sets of bras and panties and the quality is very low. The material seemed to be that of something you'd find at Wal-Mart. It was uncomfortable and ill fitting.


Higher quality items.

7 months ago

They offer super cute lingerie in lots of different options and sizes! I bought a couple of cute floral ones, and I absolutely adore them! They are comfortable, and the underwear that comes along with it adorable. Speaking of underwear, this site is really great because you can choose the size of the underwear along with a different size for the bra, and it's the same price not like other sites where you have to buy them separately and break the bank!

8 months ago

Received a free product from Adore Me

Love love them! everything they have fits perfectly.

2 years ago

I am obsessed with this brand and tell literally everyone about them. I am plus sized and have large breasts and love lingerie but it's so hard to find actually cute bras or lingerie in my size. Adore Me has so many great products and styles, and they come out with more every month, and they're super comfortable. Also, the one time I had an issue with the underwire coming out of my bra super quickly they re so nice and sent me a new one.