January 18, 2023:

This week in tabs: Here's what's new in commerce and culture

Alice, known for their adaptogenic functional mushroom chocolates, just launched their first new product since 2022. The latest chocolate launch is called Happy Endings and is aimed at inducing pleasure and arousal. The brand is also partnering with Fleur du Mal to create a limited edition lingerie collaboration. Valentine's Day is fast approaching folks!

Drizly, the alcohol delivery service acquired by Uber in 2021 is shutting down. Drizly provided back-end tech that enabled alcohol providers to deliver directly to consumers. You can still have alcohol delivered through Uber Eats which the company announced is their current priority.

In more chocolate related news, Westbourne and Casa Bosques Chocolate partnered to create an 'upcycled' chocolate bar. Apparently the first run of Westbourne's pistachio dukkah was over-ground, and rather than tossing the mistake they worked with Casa Bosques to create something new. Would not complain if someone got me a bar of this for Valentine’s day.

Oatly has finally caught up to the wellness derived mania around seed oil. The brand that has maintained a monopoly on oat milk for some time, announced the launch of two new products: Unsweetened Oatmilk and Super Basic Oatmilk. The Super Basic contains only four ingredients: water, oats, sea salt, and citrus zest fiber. Definitely a win for the anti-seed oil community.

Diende, a new L'Oréal-backed skincare brand is debuting with three products: Skin-Strengthening Serum, Moisture-Locking Face Stick and Purifying Whipped Cleanser. The brand is focused on inflammaging (aging caused by inflammation) and relies on a lab-created alternative to niacinamide to reduce the effects of aging on the skin.

In honor of Lunar New Year, the queen of collabs, Fly By Jing partnered with Our Place to launch a Hot Wok Set. Fly By Jing is also now carried at various Costco locations in the Northeast! You can snag a free XL bottle of the brand's chili crisp at Coscto via our Try new things campaign.