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Oatly turns fiber-rich oats into liquid food designed for humans.



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a month ago

The milk is great. The barista milk steams wonderfully. I wish more of their products were available in store by me, but I’ve only seen the yogurt and ice cream.

22 days ago

I've had their oat milk and their ice cream - and really liked both. They had a great mild taste and a nice mouthfeel. In terms of replacing traditional dairy, it's the closest thing I've sampled. I don't love some of the ingredients they use (but I suppose that's the tradeoff for the taste and texture they're able to achieve) but I do love their playful design aesthetic!

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21 hours ago

I love almond mild and oat milk and this one tastes great. I would give it a 5/5 if the ingredients were a little better. I don’t love everything on the ingredient list.

5 days ago

Great product Love the taste. I prefer to Shake before pouring but... When doing so with this brand it makes a MESS. lids don't seal

21 days ago

Oatly, where have you been all my life? 🌱💚 I've officially converted to the Oat Side, and there's no turning back. This oat milk is like a cozy, creamy hug for my morning coffee, and it froths like a dream for my homemade lattes. Plus, it's got that sustainability game on lock! So, if you're looking for a dairy-free delight that's also easy on the planet, Oatly is your jam. It's not just milk; it's a lifestyle upgrade. 💯🥛

a month ago

creamy, makes my coffee the perfect color, froths beautifully. the extra fat oatmilk…. ungodly perfection. everything they do is chefs kiss.

24 days ago

Favorite non-dairy milk! Creamy barista edition is great for foaming lattes.

20 days ago

The Oatly oatmilk is good, but usually more expensive than other oat milk options which is what deters me since I don't taste much of a difference, but if this is what is available it is very good and I love that they're expanding into ice cream, yogurt, etc!

14 days ago

Oatly is my FAVORITE oat milk! Nothing compares. I use it in my coffee as a creamer and it works perfectly! So creamy and delicious.

Full Fat Oatmilk Chilled