December 14th, 2023:

This week in tabs: Here's what's new in commerce and culture

Auro Bora just announced a new holiday flavor: Chai Cranberry. The sparkling drink features notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, and cardamom. Their marketing team clearly had some fun with the roll-out.

IKEA announced it will be launching workout equipment in 2024. Although this is a new category for the company, the products fall cleanly under their core principles of affordability and minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic. The fitness equipment blurs the line between exercise gear, home decor, and furniture. Needless to say, the Thingtesting team is jazzed about this one.

On Monday, Mejuri launched their first ever jewelry featuring lab-grown diamonds. Not only are lab-grown diamonds a more sustainable option they are also sellable at a lower price point than traditional diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds seem to be growing in popularity---this past summer the Dorsey tennis necklace was all over my Instagram.

Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty is expanding into body care. The new product line, titled Find Comfort, emphasizes the relaxing benefits of fragrance and includes a hair/body fragrance mist, body lotion, hand cream, and an aromatherapy roller pen.

Martie founder, Louise Fritjofsson just closed a $7 million funding round. Martie is an online store selling overstock products at discounted prices. Although the concept started with shelf-stable grocery items, personal care and home products are in the company’s roadmap.

Denim brand, Still Here, just opened their second physical location. The new location is four times as big as their first Elizabeth Street store, which opened in 2022. Co-founder Sonia Mosseri carefully designed and curated the furnishings in the new space and there is even talk of opening a tailor shop for denim customization in the spring.

Happy reading!