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22 brands launching soon

In June, we published a roundup of 16 upcoming brand launches we were looking forward to. Since then, we've seen eight go live, including a number of drink brands that have already made a name for themselves.

They include hibiscus water Ruby, Ditto, a spritz made from upcycled grapes, and tequila and juice seltzer Happy Hour. We also saw the highly anticipated launch of art supplies company Happy Medium, which we included in our 2021 roundup of brands launching soon, about a year ago. Other notable launches since then include Crispy Fantasy, the U.K.'s answer to Magic Spoon, and Wanderuff, a Canada-based pet accessories brand making leashes and harnesses from recycled plastic.

This time around, we've dug up brands setting their sights on 2022. They're making home improvement kits, organic fertilizer, cooking olive oil designed for your counter, oat milk, and a number of other interesting new things, for a total of 22 soon-to-launch brands we are tracking.

While most of the following brand list is new, we do have several repeats from past roundups of brands launching soon. Neverland, a plant and gardening marketplace with 25,000+ on their waitlist, is launching next week to early members only. Home essentials brand Outlines and Celeste, an eco-friendly perfume for Black women, will make their debuts in January 2022.

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