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Brands launching in 2021

Throughout this year, we've come across a number of brands with launch dates slated for early 2021. As we look forward to a better year ahead, we wanted to share the ones that we are most curious to see hit the market.

We've spotted a blood-sugar monitor that takes the biohacking trend to the next level, two interesting innovations in the period products market (one which wants to put an end to tampon leakage, and another focused on reducing the environmental impact of sanitary pads) and a plant-based milk brand that's riffing on the closed-loop milkman model. We've also spotted a low-carb instant ramen brand that – allegedly – has a 35,000-strong wait list.

What interesting pre-launch brands have you spotted? Let us know.

12 brands launching in 2021

Happy Medium

Serious supplies for casual artists. We create the best supplies, content, and events for casual artists. Launching 2021


Levels is the first biowearable to provide real-time feedback on how your diet impacts your health.


We've reengineered your tampon for distraction-free periods.


Subscribe to freshly grown veg. Willo is a vertical farming startup that lets customers buy directly from its plots.

Goodness M*lk

Plant-based organic milk, sold using a closed-loop, milkman-style model. Made by hand & delivered straight to your door - across London, UK.


Designed to disappear? Cove is the first water bottle made entirely of biodegradable materials.


Hi, I’m Ruby. I’m 0 calories & 0g sugar. Hibiscus water tastes like dried cherries - a little tart, a little sweet - delicious & refreshing.


immi is the world's first low-carb, high-protein instant ramen. immi is also 100% plant based and keto-friendly.


A sustainable hygiene company that has developed the world's first certified flushable and biodegradable sanitary pads.


Eco-friendly perfumes designed by Black women, for Black women.

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