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New brands launching in 2021

At the end of last year, we rounded up 12 brands launching in 2021. Since then, a number of those products have gone live, including espresso martini brand Deloce, instant ramen by immi, and sustainable hygiene company Planera. At the same time, we spoke with experts to get insights on the art of the brand launch and went deeper on Vacation's and Nori's debuts, to name a few.

Since our last roundup in December, we've found plenty more brands ready for takeoff in 2021 so we decided it was time for an update of brands launching soon. We found a pet brand making leashes from plastic bottles, spritzes formulated with upcycled grapes, an HVAC brand, and a home essentials company rethinking the tools we use daily. A couple of the brands below, like Happy Medium and Neverland, are repeats from our last list, and we remain patiently waiting for them to hit the market.

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