Veri offers a glucose sensor that syncs to an app to help you monitor diet choices and make informed decisions regarding your health.

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February 2020
August 2020
Helsinki, Finland
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At Veri, we help people improve their health by helping them find the right foods for their bodies. Our core users are health-conscious individuals aiming to optimize and improve their metabolic health or/and ensure they stay healthy. Most of the users come to us with concrete issues to tackle varying from losing excess weight, to improving their energy levels. It's constantly becoming harder to source and eat nourishing, quality foods. The foods that we eat are killing us and the worst part is that consumers are held responsible. The odds are stacked up against us. Especially in places like US, India, and China, where it's becoming more likely to be sick than healthy. With our fair share of nutrition-related health challenges, we can relate and are growing tired of the trend. We're laser-focused on bringing a product and an experience to the market that can help people feel better in their bodies, through the power of understanding what they put into them every day.
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