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Zero, the first plastic-free online grocery store, sells high quality groceries and household goods.


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2 years ago

LOVE this in concept. But the experience is sub par at best. It's hard to search for items you want. The selection is pretty small. The Zero Grocery products seem over priced (random snacks in a glass container). I think this brand is a great idea, but they have a long way to go in terms of execution.

2 years ago

We have used Zero Grocery for several months now. I really appreciate the lack of plastic. Sour cream comes in a glass jar, grapes and berries come in cardboard boxes, meat comes wrapped in paper and placed in a compostable bag. If you chose to join for the year, you can have as many orders delivered per week as you like. Orders must be placed by 6pm to receive the delivery the next day. The delivery times vary but are always in the afternoon, generally between 3pm and 7pm. The morning an order is due to arrive, we place our bags and glass jars from the prior week out on the porch for collection.


I make the order by 6pm, expecting delivery the next day. Inevitably the next morning I get an email saying that it turns out at least one item is out of stock. This isn't a huge deal because there are generally a couple things I need to pick up at the local grocery store. But it also feels highly inept.