Zero Acre

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Zero Acre makes all-purpose, cultured cooking oil.

Zero Acre Reviews

Zero Acre reviews


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5 reviews

3 months ago

Tastes awesome, love the bottle. Of course love there are no seed oils!!

a year ago

Friends with Zero Acre

I got to try ZAF when they launched and I'm truly fanatical about it. I'd been following all of their founder's (super interesting!) blog posts & research about seed oils and oat milks and was really invested-- there was a lot of data about why canola oils or rapeseed oils were not so good for you, but it wasn't super clear what to do with that information when you needed to use an oil that's got a high smoke point.... enter Zero Acre Farms! I used it for all sorts of things-- regular cooking, frying fritters, etc. I loved how it held up, I'd describe it generally as tasteless.


It's not cheap! I've wanted more, but I've sort of hesitated at the price tag. I'd love an option for a bigger bottle too-- one bottle isn't close to enough for deeper frying, you can only sort of use it for pan frying. It's hard to stomach using the entire bottle on one deep fry operation. (Yes, I know you can buy multiple bottles at once-- but a big boy bottle would be great.)

10 months ago

Love the aluminum packaging, knowing it's a much more sustainable option than other oil varieties, and impressed that it truly has no taste, so I can let the ingredients shine instead of having them be overshadowed by flavor! And what a win for being a healthier option with a high smoke point.


Like another review said, would love to have options to get this in a bigger size!

a year ago

cannot recommend this product enough i am using it over an other oil option any other time

a year ago

Absolutely fabulous branding, and amazing taste! I love the sleekness of the bottle and the oil is great for cooking and topping.