Zab's Hot Sauce

4.8 9 Reviews

Zab's Hot Sauce makes datil pepper hot sauce that contains no preservatives.

Zab's Hot Sauce Reviews

Zab's Hot Sauce reviews


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9 reviews

5 months ago

Delicious! Very unique + fun hot sauce. Great on anything, but especially breakfast sandwiches

4 months ago

Absolutely delicious, just the right amount of tang.

a year ago

Holy fire! The St. Augustine Style is wildy good. The slow heat of the datil pepper is so unique. Zab's for the win.

a year ago

If I could inject Zab's into my veins without compromising my health, I WOULD!!!

7 months ago

Really good hot sauce. Well balanced flavor, not too spicy. It’s a vinegary hot sauce with the perfect t amount of spice that goes well on just about everything.

a year ago

Friends with Zab's Hot Sauce

Both flavors are incredible! And the hot honey is a game changer.

3 years ago

Friends with Zab's Hot Sauce

Zab’s is a brand founded by a good friend of mine, Miles, and it’s become a household staple for me in the last 6 months. I put the St Augustine Style sauce on almost everything and hope that he brings their foodservice line, DTC!

8 months ago

Friends with Zab's Hot Sauce

I'm a huge hot sauce fan and always looking for the next hot sauce to add to my food. Zab's blew me away with a taste and flavor that I hadn't experienced before. The St Augustine Style sauce is one of the most unique hot sauces out there and I was putting it on everything for weeks from eggs to meat and everything in between. Huge fan and would recommend to everyone looking for a new hot sauce for the kitchen cabinet!

3 years ago

Love this hot sauce. It's amazing on eggs and practically anything!