Wonder Monday

3.9 21 Reviews

Wonder Monday makes cheesecakes without the sugar, carbs, and added junk.

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Wonder Monday Reviews

Wonder Monday reviews

Best of Thingtesting3.9

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21 reviews

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2 days ago

I'm a bit disappointed. Being a diabetic and following a Keto diet, I have been experimenting with items such as Wonder Monday as well as baking my own Keto cheesecakes using almond flour and Monk fruit sweetener. It came out great, but too much to eat. Wonder Monday items looked to be a great substitute, however, somewhat expensive, so I tried them. The flavor is okay, BUT for such a small cake, half of the thickness of the cake is the crust. The crust is good, but I'd rather have less crust and more filling.

6 months ago

PRO - Fantastic little cheesecakes that are Keto and diabetic friendly. CON - Just a little too expensive to enjoy on a regular basis.

2 months ago

Tried their key lime pie from Foxtrot and love it as a healthier alternative. I wish it has more limey flavor or the tanginess to it.

5 months ago

Based on flavor, I would give these 5 stars! They are delicious little treats that taste like a million calories but oh so good. I do have to say that they are on the expensive side. If that isn’t a problem, order extra for me.

3 months ago

These were pretty good taste-wise, but at the price, I could never buy them again. They're super small, much smaller smaller than I thought they would be, and like $8 for a 3-4 bite cheesecake.

4 months ago

These cheesecakes taste amazing, and are the perfect low guilt treat. They are on the pricier side but I would still recommend them because they taste so good!

3 months ago

The cheesecakes variety pack arrived in perfect packaging. However after thawing for 15 min....and I truly wanted to love these the aftertaste is unbearable. I knew it was too good to be true. They DO NOT REFUND YOUR MONEY so unless you want to drop 80 dollars on something you can't eat....just go to the cheesecake factory and eat to good stuff...you only live once 😁

Wonder Monday

a year ago

Received a free product from Wonder Monday

yummy yummy yummy! i tried their strawberry and key lime flavors. surprisingly decadent for a superfood imo!


very expensive!!!

7 months ago

Purchased the Strawberry Bliss flavor from Foxtrot. It’s soft and moist just like regular cheesecake, but I love that its high in protein! They are on the pricier side for a small treat, I wish you could buy a bigger quantity for a discount!

a year ago

These. Are. Delicious. I'm celiac and these are a wonderful dessert option.


Shipping perishable items is always difficult. I wasn't home when these were delivered, so they sat out for a bit longer than they should have. The packaging is also a bit clunky. The size of the package makes it hard to store / find room in the fridge or freezer.