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Withings creates a variety of health and wellness products such as smart watches and scales.

Withings Reviews

Withings reviews


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a month ago


Stay away from this company. They just sell overpriced products that much cheaper alternatives do the same and even better. Their body scan scale that costs €400 barely worked for 6 months and since then all the body fat measurements are completely inaccurate going up and down on a daily basis. The scale has been reset several times. It’s clear that there is issues with the scale but their support is none existent. The scale is still in warranty and their support the only thing it does is to tell you to read the FAQ and troubleshooting articles which I’ve done several times by now but the issues continue. Stay away from this company as they do not respect their customers at all

5 months ago

Horrible customer service so far! 320€ spent for a scan watch2. few hours after the initial usage the button fails to work. Exchanged pictures and videos with a kind of customer agent; executed lots of trying and testing based on their instructions and since then received 0 feedback, 0 replacement product received! Just the worse customer experience ever had so far!

a year ago

Last January I had a health kick and decided to buy a blood pressure monitor and smart scales. I purchased the Withings BPM Connect and Body+ scales. They're both really well designed products and do exactly what they're supposed to do. It was really nice to be able to measure my blood pressure and have peace of mind that I was healthy. I also love the fact that I'll be able to monitor it over time and spot any health issues ahead of time. With the scales, having regular, easy to track weigh ins is a game changer. The Withings app ties all of their devices together in a really nice way and provides advice and insights into how to stay healthier.

8 months ago

I've tried both the Thermo and the Body Comp scale, and with both I feel like technology is getting in my way instead of providing me with anything really useful. The Thermo was unreliable to the point where it would always show me having a fever, and I just threw it out: once I lost trust in it, it had zero value.

10 months ago

Withings is the king of non-invasive home health tech, giving me tons of data and insight into my own health, all automatically synced to my phone, without the need for constantly thinking about or entering data into my phone manually. I will say, while Withings succeeds in design, they've recently started falling behind other products like the Apple Watch when it comes to data accuracy and reliability, with questionable data on features like the ScanWatch's heart rate monitoring and BodyCardio scale's body fat monitoring. Withings Sleep: might take some time to calibrate based on your mattress size, but overall incredibly useful data. It tracks REM sleep patterns like every other sleep tracker, plus minute-to-minute heart rate, all without needing to wear anything, and doesn't need to be charged since it's wired into an outlet. Truly seamless and non-invasive health tech. Hoping that they add HomeKit/Matter/Thread support instead of the outdated IFTTT support. Body Cardio Scale: it looks great and the weight data is accurate, but that's the easy part. If you're paying anything over $60 for a wifi scale, you're probably looking for more than just weight data. The heart rate data is beyond inaccurate and useless, and the "vascular age" is so obscure and dry of explanation that is also has no purpose. The body fat data is pretty inaccurate, showing my body fat % as 5-10% lower than DEXA scans that I've done, which is the main reason why I've been hesitant to upgrade to the newer Withings Body Scan scale. Would be cool if they added a phone camera based body fat measurement feature like Amazon Halo or Spren, to help cross-reference and substantiate the scale's data. ScanWatch: I like that it has most of the smart-watch health tracking sensors, with a week-long battery, beautiful retro look and no interactive screen (sorry Apple, I don't want a mini-phone on my wrist when I have a real phone in my pocket). The problems are in the accuracy and reliability of the data from those sensors. The step tracking is very accurate, but any heart-related data is questionable at best compared to the Apple Watch (see TheQuantifiedScientist on YouTube), and with Apple rumored to be adding blood sugar and blood pressure monitoring in the future, I can't see myself sticking with the ScanWatch for much longer. BPM Connect: Useful data when set to triple mode (where it runs then averages 3-consecutive scans), otherwise useless and inaccurate data in single mode.

a year ago

I own the scale which records my weight automatically, which I both love and hate. This past year I began using injectable weight loss medication, and it helps to have a graph showing my overall success to counteract the blips of weight gain which depress me to no end. Putting everything into proper perspective has allowed me to stick to a weight loss program long term. It’s more than a scale, it’s like an impersonal weight therapist. The scale itself is a little fussy, I usually wind up seeing little arrows telling me to shift my stance to get a more accurate reading. I also get a review of the day’s weather, which is nice but sort of unnecessary.


The scale reflects a shift in weight loss management to a broader view which takes the focus away from the fear of picking up a pound or two on any given day. For me this have proved to be very helpful. I have been urging my 90 y/o mother-in-law to use this scale as well, as she has kidney damage and is also at risk for congestive heart failure and needs to have a second set of eyes review her weight to see if she is retaining fluid. The ability of this scale to share this information is absolutely awesome.

8 months ago

I've had their Smart Body Analyzer scales since the time when they were still called Withings. What? Yes! They were originally called Withings, then rebranded to Nokia Health and then Withings again. It does the job and just had its 10 year anniversary now.