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Windmill sells sleek and chic smart window air conditioning units.


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5 months ago

Easy to install and so minimalist, I kept the unit in my window all through the wintertime and didn’t become aggravated every time I looked at it. Cute that I can program it from my phone but not a feature that makes much of a difference since I’m pretty close to the unit when I realize I’d prefer a different temperature setting.


Fairly quiet and nice looking. Pretty much, everything I need.

5 months ago

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Chicest AC there ever was, never thought this would be something I receive compliments on, but everyone loves how seamless it is and it works amazingly as well!

3 months ago

love how gorgeous this AC looks in my apartment. the smart features are amazing when you're out and about and want to chill your apt before you enter.

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4 months ago

Super easy to install (bought because of Wirecutter). Looks so good and runs smoothly. Def recommend! Oh and also, if you have any issues, their support gets back quickly and they're very friendly


Wish they made more products - need a portable for one of my wonky windows and bought a Black and Decker that was really bad and not smart... I want a Windmill one!

2 years ago

I love my windmill AC unit. It looks very nice and keeps my entire apartment cool. I also love that I can use their app to control the settings or use the remote that it came with. No need to use the touch controls on the unit itself.

6 months ago

We love our Windmill! Needed a new unit so went for this - it really is beautiful and works well. Nice to have the app in case we forget to turn it off before leaving the apt. Feels very elevated compared to any other option.