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Vyrao formulates products including fragrances designed to raise energy and evoke specific positive emotions.


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a month ago

Witchy Woo smells so so so lovely, and I love that there's a little charged crystal in there. It's got a great scent profile, and when ever I get her out of my bag everyone wants to know what they're smelling. It's so warm and spicy, and dries down to a rich musk scent. She's gorgeous... but for £135 I just wish the scent lasted longer. Maybe I'm just a little nose-blind to it, but after a few hours I just can't smell it on my skin anymore. I will say the smell does seem to cling better to clothes and hair, but for the higher price point, I just expected a longer-lasting fragrance.

Witchy Woo

2 months ago

Influencer for Vyrao

One of the VYRAO perfumes has layers of Sicilian lemon, mandarin and soothing orange blossom interwoven with sensual notes of sandalwood and water lily. Perfume evokes a certain emotion and a feeling of happiness.