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Veja produces shoes made with raw materials sourced from organic farming and ecological agriculture, without chemicals or polluting processes.


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25 days ago

I really like vejas. Super cool styles, and my only complaint is that they take like a week to break in/mold to your feet, but after that they're SO COMFORTABLE.

21 days ago

Extremely comfortable and stylish I feel like they are quite expensive, but they are my go to comfortable shoe. I dress them up with skirts and wear them with jeans.

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2 months ago

I wore my Veja sneakers into the ground and then purchased another pair to do it all over again. They took ~1 week to break in and after that they were comfortable and stylish. They go with everything and I love them!

4 months ago

NOPE! Just get uptowns at this point. Also not cool, but better than this. Respect for all the chemical stuff but there are like vegan sambas and all this, you have choices.

2 months ago

these shoes are definitely adorable and well made but gosh are they pricey. I'm scared to wear mine too much bc they were so freaking expensive.

6 months ago

I wear my Venturi sneakers all the time! They work with so many different outfit combinations, so they are super easy to style. I walk in these a lot, and they're really good for all sorts of terrain, whether it's city walking, or hiking outdoors. My only complaint is that they can sometimes dig at my ankle, but only after 8+ hours of wear, so it's not a super big deal. Definitely recommend if you're looking for a sturdy shoe!


They're a bit harder to break in relative to other sneaker brands, so just be aware of that if you're sensitive in that area.