Vân Vân

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Vân Vân makes single-origin Vietnamese ingredients for home chefs.

Vân Vân Reviews

Vân Vân reviews


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4 reviews

10 months ago

As a Vietnamese, I am proud to have a brand from Vietnam that has a really good quality. It is not really 100% the same as the taste in Vietnam but, it has been harmonized to reach more people around the world.

10 months ago

This product is such high quality, we used their spice packet with Bun Bo Hue at a dinner party. Got the spice packet for my boyfriend’s birthday. Beautifully sourced directly from Vietnam and beautiful packaging!

7 months ago

Influencer for Vân Vân

I use Van Van spices for sweet and savory dishes. The quality of their product is way better than any dried spice I've every cooked with. As soon as you open the packaging you can smell how fragrant it is. It's also extremely easy to use. You can throw the spices in right way for sauces or you can rehydrate them to be sauteed. The spices are super versatile and I love using it in different cuisines. I truly believe that these spices will be appreciated by a home chef AND professional chef!

10 months ago

Influencer for Vân Vân

Vân Vân spices have completely changed the way I cook. Once rehydrated, these are almost indistinguishable from the fresh ingredients. These are all aromatics I use in almost every dish, and it's completely leveled up my day-to-day Vietnamese cooking. They're also beautifully packaged, and your money goes to a good cause!