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Tuft the World provides all high-quality tools, materials, and instruction needed to make professional and stunning rugs at home.

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3 months ago

I like tuft the world because it's a major place to buy everything alol at once but recently I tried the recycled wool yarn and I've never been so frustrated working with a material… .it tangled , My scissors would not cut the yarn while it was pushing it through, I thought maybe it was my scissors and they were dull but after when I try to manually cut the yarn with my duckbill scissors I had just as hard of time cutting through the yarn. Because of this it was creating a loop pile instead of a cut pile look. It would constantly become tangled and I would have to re-thread my gun almost every single line that I would tuft. I would not recommend this yarn to anybody. It was extremely frustrating, a project that usually takes me about an hour took me about three. Personally I will not buy this product again. I haven’t had issues with any of their other products but this was such an problem to me it really made me question them.

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