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Truly sells a range of alcoholic sparking seltzer water with a hint of fruit flavors.

Truly Reviews

Truly reviews


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4 reviews

6 months ago

I didn't like this drink because the flavors are mostly gross to me. They taste way too floral and make me feel like I'm drinking one of those scented cleaning agents. The passionfruit is the worst one.

3 months ago

I truly love truly! This was my favorite brand of hard seltzers for the longest time until they changed formula. I still love them

9 months ago

I really like Truly Hard Seltzer. They have so many flavors but grapefruit is my favorite. I always buy a few cases of these for my summer parties and all of my friends love them too.

9 months ago

This is merely a personal preference thing but Truly leaves a weird taste in my mouth. The flavors are fine, and I don’t mind drinking it if there aren’t other options.