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The Bouqs Co serves as an online flower retailer that delivers flowers and plants fresh from eco-friendly, sustainable farms to consumers' doorsteps.


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7 days ago

SCAM! I made a one time purchase of flowers for my mothers birthday. offered a %30 discount which I thought I was taking advantage of. Instead the site took advantage of me. Signing me up for an unwanted “subscription “ and taking $60 from me monthly. BEWARE this site! I’ve used FTD and other sites to send flowers in the past and have never been automatically signed up for anything.. has one of the best SCAMS on the net. 0 out of 5 stars

15 hours ago

This place is sadly a scam. I could have gone to the grocery store and bought a $15 bouquet for what they sent and I posted $117 for. A complete waste. Don’t be taken. This is not a good company! .

6 days ago

They should get less than 1 star! I got flowers for my mothers funeral That arrived dead! Talk about trauma! This place really broke my heart. I would have taken 1-800 flowers in a heartbeat. This place seriously I find disturbing. There is etiquette to flowers…ppl receive them for happy times (wedding, baby shower, graduation) and also mournful times (death). You can not rely on them to deliver a nice set of flowers in these important times in our lives. Don't do it. It made a horrible day only worse for me. They don't care! Do not promote this horrible business.

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5 months ago

Pretty good quality for what you pay - though sometimes can be inconsistent. However, they are always offering promotions and the customer service is FANTASTIC, which means I continue to gift their flowers.

a month ago

I just got my first bouquet today, and have to say I was incredibly underwhelmed. It contained three roses, all of which were past their “sell by“ date.. Even after three hours in the water, several of the flowers were completely wilted. Beware

3 months ago

My husband bought me flowers for our anniversary. First, they were 4 days late. When they arrived some of the stems and flowers were moldy. The roses had already dropped most of their petals in the box. The tulips were droopy and never perked up. There were some irises that were ok, but the ones in our yard are better. The flowers were literally zip tied in two bundles, so unless you can arrange them yourself it certainly is not going to look professional!!! Not sure how customer service will be since we just contacted them. I don’t have high hopes.

4 months ago

Ordered peonies which I am aware arrive in bud form from every florist I've ever used. These were some of the most pathetic flowers ever. Edges of buds were nasty burnt brown on about half. Took off outer ones as suggested and the inner ones looked worse. 3 of the stems were in full bloom and dropped nearly all of their petals within an hour. I sent pictures and was told this is normal. This is NOT normal. I will give it the 2 days they asked me to wait to send additional photos but I'm not happy. I have never been so disappointed in a floral purchase and will not buy again. I could buy better peonies at the grocers, if they had any!!!!! This year none of the florists in my area will be getting peonies because of supply issues so I took a chance with Bouqs. Never again.

4 months ago

My daughter sent me flowers for Mother's Day. I couldn't wair to see the magnificent blooms promised in 1 to 2 days. I followed all the instructions perfectly, but the roses never bloomed. They hung their little heads like they've given up on life. I'm so disappointed.


This is a great idea, but what's the point if the flowers don't bloom! I used the packet of nutrients, cut the stems at an angle, etc., stripped the stems of leaves below water line, changed the water. ..I don't know what would prevent the outcome, but I will not order these in the future.

4 months ago

My Daughter sent these to me for Mothers Day. They arrived Friday afternoon Some of the 2 dozen roses were already droopy and squashed. Now on Monday morning 12 of them are Dead. The customer service was hardly up to par. You must text with what I'd call a bot. Kept repeating the same thing over and over This is not the service we intend to give, but we will learn from this and do better in the future. Well someone else may benefit but not me, as I would never order flowers from them again. Very Poor Quality.

4 months ago

Flowers sent to my wife from our three adult children for Mother’s Day. Flowers were awful, dehydrated, and mopey.


Would never order from this company.