The Beauty Chef

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The Beauty Chef offers a collection of bio-fermented skincare products.

The Beauty Chef Reviews

The Beauty Chef reviews


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4 reviews

2 years ago

The Beauty Chef makes a lot of claims so I was a little hesitant to try these products at first. I really enjoy their hydration boost though! It tastes delicious and can be taken in a smoothie or just water.

a year ago

I’ve tried all 4 of the Inner Beauty Boost elixirs - COLLAGEN, HYDRATION, ANTIOXIDANT, ADAPTOGEN, and the GLOW Inner Beauty Essential powder.


Each elixir has its own unique flavour, and they all taste fresh, natural, and delicious. My favourite is the HYDRATION elixir which has a subtle sweet coconut flavour. I love starting every morning with a glass of cold filtered water and a tablespoon of one of the elixirs mixed in. It’s such a treat and makes me feel hydrated, energised, and happy. The elixir is a liquid, so it mixes into the water in one quick stir. So easy. The GLOW beauty powder has a tangy berry flavour. I add 1 teaspoon to my smoothies and it makes them taste so good! I also like to mix a tiny bit into Greek yogurt (a little bit goes a long way with the yogurt) and have that with fresh papaya, almond butter, and coconut flakes for a summer breakfast 😋 I will definitely continue to purchase the elixirs and the powder!

2 years ago

I love the idea of healing and nourishing skin from within. I tend to be very acne prone, and Beauty Chef has a variety of products and supplements to help with that. The taste isn’t great, but it’s natural and easy to mix. The products do tend to be a bit pricey, but most supplements for skincare are.

a year ago

I absolutely adore the GLOW & Collagen combo, it's a sacred part of my morning routine & is so freakin delicious. I used to always have at least one pimple to deal with at any given time, but with these products they now only ever appear when approaching the beginning of a new cycle - and when those appear, I find they now tend to heal themselves much faster than they used to, rarely every amounting to much. Something else I love about The Beauty Chef is that they regularly have special promotions & sales, so I'm almost always able to save when repurchasing my combo. Highly recommend, (and actually tempted to make another glass right now..!) ♡