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Tend operates dental studios in NYC and DC seeking to make the dental experience patient-friendly and financially transparent.

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a month ago


TL; DR - Great for cleaning but not major dental work because it's overpriced and they try to upsell you. Tend is great if you need your teeth cleaned, need a retainer BUT DON'T GO FOR DENTAL WORK. I have been going for about a year and a half, and find that it's efficient because I live in a city with a ton of locations. Making an appointment to get my teeth cleaned is easy through the interface of the booking system. I've recommended it to several friends (you get an amazon gift card for referrals), however a lot of my friends have expressed difficulty understanding if their insurance is accepted. It seems there isn't a lot of clarity on it. My REAL ISSUE is that if you need dental work, this might not be the place to go because I think they upsell you. I cracked a filling and they told me I cracked the tooth next to it as well. The solution was a service that was $5,000 (for both teeth) and insurance only covers 50% the procedure. I called my dentist in my hometown (about 4 hours from the city I live in now) and asked what they would charge and was quoted $1,000 less over the phone and made an appointment. I went in and they told me I DID NOT have two cracked teeth, that I would NOT need the repair plan tend suggested and replaced my filling for $300.

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a year ago


I use Tend as my dentist and also use their oral hygiene products. Man, this company is so so good. Every aspect of the experience has been considered - and the products are just an extension of this. If you live in a region where Tend has studios, I strongly recommend making the switch. I can't wait to see what this company does with innovative technologies in the future.

High qualityCool look & feelWorth the money 💸Fun unboxing 📦
Mallory K's review of Tend
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