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Sunski creates polarized sunglasses that prioritize style, fit, performance, value and sustainability.

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5 months ago

I purchased a pair of sunglasses at a local store in Amagansett, NY. I wore them a lot however, they did break easily on me and scratch fairly easily as well. I was able to get them fixed, but I would overall not recommend them. They have a good price point but need to work on quality issues. Granted I purchased these sunglasses 4 years ago.

2 years ago

I love these sunglasses! The blue lenses are great protective from the Florida sun and the New York snow! They are lightweight and fit easily in my purse. I love them so much then a left them at a restaurant I reordered the same pair the next day!


Keep up the good work!

a year ago

Really high quality for the price. The lenses are polarized and feel like a nice material construction. They’re super comfortable, too

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6 months ago

100% got these because of sustainability claims, both in terms of materials and the ability to swap lenses rather than constant trashing pairs over the years. They have a thing where you can text a pic of your face and an actual human will send you suggested frames. This was helpful since choosing sunglasses on the internet is tough, but can’t say they look amazing on me in the end. I went with one of their premium line and the build is solid. Overall very decent for the price. I think if I could have tried in store and chosen a pair I liked better I’d have no complaints.