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steep & mellow produces a variety of adaptogenic teas that promote health and wellness, using 100% compostable packaging.

steep & mellow Reviews

steep & mellow reviews


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4 reviews

3 years ago

Really yummy teas and really great packaging! Loved that they had a sampler to try out all of the flavors.


A little pricey

2 years ago

I really like the taste of all of Steep & Mellow's teas and their brand design. They offer great discounts regularly, and I am especially fond of their BOGO offers so I can replenish my teas and buy a set for a friend. They seem very committed to sustainability and monitoring their waste footprint.


While their packaging is compostable, I think a lot of it, specifically the individual bags the tea pouches come in, could be eliminated, which would likely save material and money. However, I love their graphics design!

3 years ago

I tested the “Flow” black tea and thought it was pretty good. While it tasted lovely, I didn’t feel particularly better than I do after my cup of regular black tea in the mornings. It’s like $30 for 6 or 7 tea bags…For the price I would not order again. Maybe the other flavors have more noticeable effects. Points awarded for eco friendly packaging which is hard to find in single serving tea bags. Also points for fun website and branding.


It was just too expensive for me since I didn’t feel any major effects.

3 years ago

I love Steep & Mellow's fun and exciting brand. I think it is smart that they send three teas together. My favorite is the Green tea. Although the packaging is compostable, there is still a lot of packaging, and I would prefer to make my own loose leaf tea, since it's more sustainable.


I would love to buy loose leaf tea from steep & mellow.