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SAJE sells a collection of diffusers and essential oils made with natural ingredients and a focus on sustainability.


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5 months ago

I love this company and I love aroma fairy. My 3 year old will throw a tantrum and I bring out the roller ball and calms down fairly quickly. The customer service is always amazing and they stand by their products


Aroma fairy sets would be amazing

2 months ago

Good options for blends of essential oils and different diffusers. They are on the pricier side of essential oils but if you're looking for premade blends I would recommend them. For simpler essential oils (like plain lavender), there are cheaper options out there for similar/same quality.

5 months ago

Saje has some of the best diffuser and essential oil products on the market, beyond the pricier Vitruvi. Their diffusers are gorgeous and Saje is my go to for sleep remedy products. Their lavender eye mask is my favourite!

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a year ago

I absolutely love their products. The diffusers and essential oils are so great for relaxation and calmness. The packaging is so beautiful and very minimalistic. Not only does it look luxurious but it feels luxurious too. Also, I love how quiet the diffuser is, sometimes you don't realize it is on until you smell the beautiful scent. Every time I use it, it is like I am in the spa.


Probably increasing the range of essential oils. It's pricey.

a year ago

Have been a long time fan of Saje and their products since I popped into one of their Vancouver stores a few years ago. I love the look of their diffusers and their scents are amazing.


A few of the smells are really pungent. I'd love if they came out with more flavors that were on the softer side.