Rooted Fare

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Rooted Fare makes a variety of Chinese American inspired snacks and spreads.

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Rooted Fare Reviews


Phenomenal. Chef's Kiss. It's the perfect marriage of taste and texture--lightly sweet, earthy, and subtly crunchy to round off that perfect bite. I used the Black Sesame Crunchy Butter as a filling for mochi. I stirred some powdered sugar into the paste to thicken it up and add more sweetness. It turned out heavenly. Catch me spreading and drizzling this over everything. It's my latest addiction.

High qualityCool look & feelWorth the money 💸Tasty 😋
12 days ago

This was good, but not great. The sesame flavor overpowered by a strange bitter flavor that really dominates your palette. It’s not quite a burnt flavor, but not really the most pleasant. The paste has a wonderful consistency. The crunchy bits really add texture and help the paste “grip” onto food. I was most surprised by how not-sweet the paste is. I tried a few bites of sesame paste with toast and felt that I needed to drizzle some honey to help sweeten it. 6/30 update - I tried the paste a few different ways. 4/5 toast with honey drizzle - this was my favorite way I’ve tried so far. The paste’s bitterness is rounded out by the sweet honey. However, I did notice that this does not spread as easily as even a crunchy peanut butter, as it doesn’t melt into the toast. 3/5 iced coffee/ iced latte - I tried both. I found that the sesame paste totally separates in an iced beverage and it is really hard to mix. The paste does not emulsify into the milk at all, even after heating up. After trying this 3x, I will not be trying to mix it into my iced coffee or iced lattes. 4/5 ice cream - the jar has suggestions to try spooning the paste over ice cream. I put about a tablespoon over a bowl of vanilla ice cream. The paste more or less rolls off a ball of ice cream to the side, but I really enjoyed the taste of the sesame mixing with the sweet vanilla ice cream. I would note that this will not work if you eat ice cream on a cone, as the sesame paste will not stay put and you will just make a mess.


The flavor has a bitter aftertaste.

Love the brand's mission 💕
5 days ago

the product is absolutely delicious, not just on carbs but also on green apples. i haven’t tried myself but i’ve seen people incorporating it into all sorts of things from noodles, pancakes to savory sauces. the owners are super friendly too.

16 days ago