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RAMONA makes low-alcohol, lightly sparkling wine-based spritzes using organic ingredients, inspired by the classic italian cocktail.

RAMONA Reviews

RAMONA reviews


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13 reviews

6 months ago

I had these at a friend's party and enjoyed them. I liked how nice and light they were and that they didn't taste artificial like some other canned seltzers. Taste was ok but not anything I'd rave about.

4 months ago

I love the RAMONA spritzes, they are refreshing, fun, convenient and look great poured straight into a wine glass ;) !! I try to find them everywhere in-stores and rarely have any luck. That would be my only complaint - they are just really hard to find.

3 months ago

I've tried two flavors, but the Amarino Spritz is to die for. So refreshing, not too sweet, and low-calorie. Tasted like a freshly made cocktail!

2 years ago

These aren't my cup of tea... They are really sweet which is great if you like that! I much moreso prefer something like Bev when it comes to canned wine!

2 years ago

This drink is incredible! It’s one of my all time favorites. The flavor is fruity and delicious and perfectly balanced.


Needs no improvement!

2 years ago

LOVE. The blood orange is my favorite. These can be a little bit hard to find (distribution seems to be mostly in specialty stores) but the product is great. Delicious natural flavor and not too sweet. Also the packaging is bold and stylish.


Expanded distribution and consider sales in multi-packs.

2 years ago

Friends with RAMONA

Great tasting, ORGANIC, and low alcohol. It's my favorite cocktail substitute.

2 years ago

I love the cans especially for a dinner or a fun gal's night—it's like having some additional table decorations to liven up the mood! My favorite flavor is the Amerino but the dry rose is INSANELY GOOD. Also love that you can take these with you to the pool / beach / park in a cooler. No glass needed.

2 years ago

The brand is amazing. Fruit instead of cane-sugar sweetened. Packaged in recyclable aluminum. All organic. Sourced from ethical farms. Also, the dry varieties are SO DELICIOUS. By order of love: Dry Grapefruit, Dry Amarino, Dry Rose. (Heads up: the Dry Rose can take you by storm because it's 13%ABV unlike it's lower-ABV sisters!)


I wish there were more flavors in 'dry' varieties!

2 years ago

Great flavors and packaging! Each spritzer is an new and exciting taste, can't believe it is low-cal.