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Prose makes customizable haircare and skincare with sustainable and clean ingredients.

Prose Reviews

Prose reviews


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Reviews on Prose’s website have a higher average rating compared to reviews on Thingtesting.

Reviews mention

  • Highly personalized products
  • Beneficial hair health effects
  • Pleasant natural scents
  • Eco-friendly brand ethos
  • Inconsistent product results
  • Greasy hair side effects
  • Expensive price point
  • Difficult subscription management

Prose offers personalized hair care products using high-quality ingredients, resulting in many users reporting improved hair health, pleasant scents and appreciated the brand's eco-friendly ethos. However, there are mixed reviews on the effectiveness of the products, with some users reporting greasy hair or scalp dryness. The brand's subscription service is also criticized for being hard to manage and inflexible.

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904 reviews

9 days ago

I am currently in my third month using Prose products and still not completely sure that it's worth the cost for me. I don't see a huge difference in my hair texture versus my usual products, but I will say that my hair feels and smells great after using these products. I did however notice a big difference in my color treatment, which seems to have faded a lot quicker than normal since I started using Prose.

9 days ago

Frequent buyer

Prose is one of those worth it investments you can won’t regret making. From personalized scent choices to nailing down what YOUR hair needs based on concern + goals > this brand does it all for you!! B-corp certified too :)

2 days ago

I started using the Prose formula about two months ago. It was the start of spring, when the frizz of my hair usually begins. At first, I saw that my hair was poofy but soft, with still being brittle at the ends. I contacted the prose team and reported my results. The next shipment I received was designed for me, with changes made for what I reported. I use the hair mask with every wash, as I find that my hair needs the added moisture. I only wash my hair once or twice a week now because in between washes, my hair stays silky and smooth, without being greasy or oily. The shampoo lightly lathers and the conditioner offers just the right amount of softness. My hair is overall better and way less frizzy now. I recently went to visit Joshua Tree and took my products with me. My hair stayed beautiful, even in the dry and dusty desert heat. And, the smell of the products is divine. I love the subtle and calming lavender scent that is imbibed when using the products. I would recommend Prose to anyone that wants silky and luxurious locks of hair. A giant thank you to the Prose team for creating an innovative and convenient way to get great hair care.

5 days ago

Worst customer service of all time. I had a subscription set up to deliver my second order 8 weeks later for shampoo and 12 weeks later for my conditioner. I woke up to an email 4 weeks after my initial order saying my next order was billed and being formulated to be shipped out. I was emailing with customer service (since you can’t call and talk to someone) and they told me the change in frequency only takes effect after your first order. I explained that my first order had already shipped and this order was being shipped in error and no one responded. The fact that you can’t call and talk to someone is infuriating, especially when they auto ship your order prematurely and then won’t allow you to cancel it. The product isn’t anything special and super expensive for such a small amount. Buyer beware!

6 days ago

I was skeptical to try it and I did and I love how it makes my hair feel the first day I used it!!!!!!

9 days ago

I’ve been using prose for 3years now and my hair has never been in a better state! For context, I have 3B/C curls and have spent tons trying to find products that work for me. I saw results from prose immediately and have been a loyal customer ever since! They deserve all of the #prosepraise in the world!

12 days ago

Both the hair and face products feel like miracles! It seems impossible to say "from the very first use," but it's true. :) I've been using Prose shampoo and conditioner for years. It makes my fine hair soft and manageable, without weighing it down or making it greasy. Best products I've ever used on my hair! I just recently tried Prose face care -- wash, serum, and cream -- with equally amazing results. I've always had clear and low-maintenance skin... until the last year. Recently, I've been challenged with a combo of dryness and regular breakouts that I had no idea how to address. I ordered Prose face care and felt immediate relief. No more dryness. No breakouts of any kind. Skin that was pealing felt soothed and healed within days. It was like a miracle! Thank you! #ProsePraise

13 days ago

I love how the shampoo, conditioner and curl cream make my hair look naturally beautiful! And the skin cleanser, serum and moisturizer go on smoothly and aren’t heavy. I’m also very “scent sensitive” and all of the products have light, pleasant scents. The product survey to get just what I needed and wanted was spot on!! Delivery of my order was quick, with great packaging.

15 days ago

I chose Prose custom hair care because my thin, limp hair needed a tailored solution. After just one week, I noticed a huge difference: my hair feels healthier and is no longer frizzy. Plus, the smell is amazing, making my showers a treat for my mental health. Prose's personalized approach clearly makes all the difference! #ProsePraise

17 days ago

Received a free product from Prose

What I loved most about Prose was the personalization of the products to my specific needs. The products have improved the hydration of my skin, making it smoother and more radiant. What could be improved is the delivery time. Another suggestion would be to offer more scent options for the products. Overall, I am very satisfied with Prose and will continue to use it. #ProsePraise

18 days ago

As grad school ended the culmination of all that hard work and stress had done a visible number on my hair. Paired with a med change I was feeling a huge amount of insecurity that my once voluminous curls had reduced to dry shapeless fly aways. It had become so thin I had to cut my mid-back length hair to above my shoulders. It was devastating. My hair is my favorite physical attribute and I didn’t feel like me anymore. I’m now a 2 year prose user and am happy to say about a year of continuous use has my hair is better than it was before all those life changes, and continues to remain full and healthy. I tell anyone who asks this product line saved my hair. #praisepros

20 days ago

Shampoo works for me, but it was too frequent so I stopped about a year ago. Now that they have 12-week intervals (again) I resubscribed and tried also skincare (free products, ok, maybe I shouldn’t have, there’s always a catch.. I just thought I would try). Turns out they also subscribed me to a hair supplement (monthly!) and hair mask (monthly as well!). I cancelled everything except shampoo. Too late for the first order (about 140$ CAD extra). I may have been greedy but they are intentionally misleading and it’s a system. Just be aware.

21 days ago

I am really enjoying using my new haircare routine. It's helping my hair look and feel much better. It smells pretty good (but kind of reminds me of the cool water cologne my first high school boyfriend wore). I would like it if the product were a little more affordable

23 days ago

I love Prose! My fine and curly hair has always been extremely difficult to manage, but since using Prose it is noticeably more healthy, my curls are thriving and my frizz is significantly decreased. People in my life have even noticed a difference in it! The first order was slow to receive, but all of my subsequent orders have been placed and delivered in under 5 days! I don’t think I’ll ever go back to “off the shelf” hair products again.

a month ago

I have dry, thin, gray hair. My customized products from Prose are the best I’ve ever used! My hair is silky, soft, and feels healthy. My waves stay in all day and there’s no “scrunch out the crunch”. I love that.

a month ago

%50 off first order

Absolutely in love with Prose. I’m so happy with my first custom hair care order. I have not been this in love with my natural hair in a long time. Prose created a custom hair care routine for me, and gave me great discounts for my first order. I have been using them for a few weeks now and can confidently say they work for me. I struggle with loving my natural hair and with dealing with it. After taking Prose’s quiz, they were able to pinpoint what my target areas regarding my hair were, and were able to create products according to my hair needs. I love how lightweight and natural the products feel. I love the smell of the products. I love how environmentally friendly the packaging and ordering is. I went out of my comfort zone to try something new, and I am so happy I did. I love Prose. #ProsePraise

a month ago

I'm in love with these products! Since I started using the haircare system, I have had noticably less shedding and my scalp isn't as itchy. It's a 10!

a month ago

My hair, after only 2 washes feels amazing!!

a month ago

Great product. Wonderful customer service

a month ago

So far my hair is already skinnier and feel healthier. Appears to have grown as well in length. This is the first almost full month.