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Paume makes hand sanitizer to be better for both your skin and the planet using plant based ingredients and sustainable packaging.

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Canada, New Zealand, U.S.
November 2019
November 2020
Toronto, Canada
Amy Welsman
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Your hands do so much. They express joy, offer comfort and connect you with your community. That's where we come in. We believe that when you care for your hands, you care for yourself and the world around you. PAUME is a hand care brand with the three following principals: Reassurance: our nourishing formulas are designed to make you feel cared for and protected. Indulgence: we believe hand care is self care. We want to give you a moment to care for your hands and delight your senses. Sustainability: w'ere committed to delivering products that are good for you, while being conscious of the planet.
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Be warned, pulling Paume out of your bag is a sure conversation starter. The packaging is so beautiful, no one will believe it's sanitizer. The nozzle design makes it easy to squirt a controlled amount into a friend's hand. Doesn't dry out my skin... I actually look forward to sanitizing! Highly recommend.


Once you start running low, the bottle is a little tough to squeeze. A bottle body with a little more give could help.

9 months ago